Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Why another schizophrenic set of rules? When we are in an era of loosening controls? - Foreign Funds

The GOSL is completely mad! They have no clue about consistency, as each act appears to be directly at cross purposes with the stated objectives. First it was a mad rush to encourage FDIs, and then they passed a law of expropriation of private property! No sane person will invest in Sri Lanka with the possibility of his investment being taken over, and with no compensation, as the appropriated assets have yet to be compensated.

It is with this same thinking that the new rule of all NGOs of obtaining approval prior approval from the Ministry of Finance before receiving funds from foreign sources. In an era of relaxing foreign exchange regulations, and people and companies sending money abroad, and the crooks in Govt. sending money to Swiss Bank accounts, and possibly to foreign terrorist organizations and others with links with shady groups in Sri Lanka, the GOSL is trying to prevent the same occurring here! 

Don't forget the VVIP can now fly direct to Seychelles and put their money in an offshore account, which can redeposit through Swiss Banks, making it easier for money laundering and avoiding any local controls. Remember Seychelles has 140,000 companies for its 90,000 inhabitants, and the reason is just so that these unscrupulous elements can have a field day there. We have NO economic interest in Seychelles whatsoever and so direct flights are for that activity after all.

Don’t they understand that there is a Law in Sri Lanka! If the law is enforced, then all lawbreakers can be punished to the full extent permitted by Law. So why prevent much needed foreign funding sources that are likely to be deterred by these new rules of unnecessary regulation and finger pointing.

Is it a tacit admission that Sri Lanka is a LAWLESS state and therefore they have to resort to these tactics to prevent foreign sources of funds, that may be coming in to do damage to the very existence of the GOSL, as that is obviously why this rule has been implemented.

The irony is that if they are trying to prevent covert CIA operations, then this rule will not prevent that, as they know how to circumvent any rule. After all the CIA funds directly through the GOSL top brass, as no one questions them, while they are selling their own mothers for their greed in commissions or payoffs.

This rule my dear readers is merely another form of graft for the GOSL, as now they will ask for protection money to permit funds to be disbursed to worthy causes in Sri Lanka! It is simply OUTRAGEOUS.

Further it is due to their inability to sort out our social problems that this money is coming in. For example I know some orphanages are dependent on foreign funding to feed their kids. The GOSL gives only Rs50 a child a day, so now that money is subject to a commission to the rulers, before being permitted in to feed them.  Pure Greed.

I just feel sick to my stomach that this Govt. has people who are, with NO scruples, willing to steal from the mouths of innocent and hungry people, just so that they can further fatten their already fat with looting personal wealth.

When will people of Sri Lanka understand that all the laws and rules being made are but for one purpose, NOT to safeguard and protect the Country from undesirable elements and influences, but to safeguard the status quo of those who are committed to daylight robbery from being caught with their hands in the till!

After this analysis, I must say that my first statement has to be contradicted, and the GOSL is NOT MAD, it is just indulging in mass extortion and daylight robbery from their own citizens instead.   


Jack Point said...

It is about the larger project of stifling independent thought or criticism.

Courts, judiciary, oppostion were all bought ages ago.

Independent newspapers were intimidated and later bought over by cronies (eg Leader, Nation). The law covering foreign made content on TV killed advertsing revenue for TV.

GoSL linked businesses (Eg SLT, SLIC, Airlanka etc) will direct advertising only towards approved media who toe the line.

Now remaining foes are the NGO's. Visa restriction on tourists were brought in to control NGO workers - not anuything else.

These financial regulations are designed to kill off the NGO's.

Anonymous said...

You have to think properly ,many NGO are just foreign govt tools ,you read about 'NGOs the self appointed altruists' .Many NGO are answerable to none ,but they question governments. You have a very strange way of thinking and this blog is a result of that.