Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Use of Disproportionate Force means but one thing!

Is there anyone here who is denying that the Israelis have engaged in the use of disproportionate force? to subjugate what is essentially a small show of resistance, by an exhausted and friendless bunch of people, extremists if you must, who are willing to sacrifice everything they have, which is just a motley collection of pathetic arms, that any self respecting guerilla organization would not be seen dead holding onto! In essence the Israeli Army (IDF) is using the weight of one of the most powerful forces in the world using US technology to attack an essentially civilian population.

Hamas has no friends and supporters left! The world’s attention is elsewhere, and the Israelis think that by this action they will prevent this nuisance of rockets coming streaming in to Israel, they must be sadly mistaken.

Let us be pragmatic. Every Palestinian wants Palestine, and how they express this desire is different. Whatever Israel does is going to increase this desire and NOT diminish it, and so everything they do is counter-productive. It is that latter point if understood, by the Zionists in Israel, which will change the status quo and NOT until then.

There is NO way you can tell them they have Gaza and can have a state there. You’ve got to be kidding. Israeli expansionism is rampant, and the wall built around their settlements in the West Bank a bizzare and insulting message to the Palestinians that they are just there to serve.

Remember Isreal has a huge Arab population within its boundaries they keep completely silenced, by indirect threat that their lives which are probably the most secure in the Arab world would be rendered Gazan if they get out of line, so they are a very meek segment of Israeli population, going about their daily lives, knowing they have No option if they want to live in their homelands!

It should be noted that due to Palestinian resistance this significant community have almost been lost to the world, and their leaders have been reduced to Uncle Toms for want of a better word to describe them.

The Arabs are their worst enemy as Israel is a super-efficient sophisticated society who know what they are about, and no one is going to upset that superiority however hard they try, and internecine wars in Arab lands is going to enhance that.

It is ONLY up to the NON ARAB world to point to Israel, that they cannot morally join the civilized world with their behavior and cannot hide behind Arab inhumanity, to look gleamingly civilized! 


Anonymous said...

Israel has morally speaking forfeited its right to exist as a nation.

Only when the world makes them realize that, and they only exist because we have given them a 99 yr lease to sort out their affairs, will they permit a fully fledged Palestinian state.

Don't forget that the Palestinians are broadly those from whom they acquired legitimately or illegitimately the land to which they came from all over the world in the last 120 years, and have been herded out for justifiable or unjustifiable reasons, but who will never forfeit their rights to a nation in the same region that Israil currently occupies.

Anonymous said...

BTW No one is denying Israel is the only continuously democratic country, with internal stability, peace and prosperity, having one of the highest standards of living, and who have made the desert bloom etc....
What they did, who they removed and what that created does not justify the former, that is where the moral legitimacy leaves them in the dog house.

If they took over a desert where no people lived, then it is a different matter. At that time there were large areas of Saudi they could have purchased from the local war lords and set up camp, and then made the desert bloom.

All scriptures in all religions are hogwash as far as right to land areas are concerned. No one has a right to any lands by God, not even Mecca to Muslims, these are all man made distinctions.

All wars have a religion base at its root and when we realize its futility is when we have world peace.

Anonymous said...

How anachronistic is it to have a Western Style country stuck like an island in a sea of variously discombobulated Arabs and other races with Islam and other different religions?

It will cause a permanent insoluble problem, unless the island is a multiethnic, non aggressive country like Singapore, surrounded by a similar sea!

Israel therefore has a solution they can follow if they ever want peace in the region.

If they want permanent war then their current line is fine!