Friday, July 18, 2014


How can we justify a conflict that does not want to end? There is NO end game, as Israel wants all rights to live in the areas they currently occupy and want more whilst at the same time the Palestinians cannot accept Israel’s right to exist.

For that reason the GAZA a tiny strip of humanity in the Israeli sea creates and will continue to create hate against Israel, which will NEVER stop, and using rudimentary weapons try to attack Israel in a David Goliath conflict, where the David here is Palestinian and Goliath is Israel. The world’s only Jewish state (parallels with SL!) is fully armed, well prepared, unparalleled espionage system with sophisticated listening devices, in every Palestinian Home, where they know which house to pin point, and have weapons of pin point accuracy ready to kill guilty and innocent at the same ferocity.

The Palestinians know they have NO chance, and Israel is already planning ground offensives, where Palestinians are ready to believe that they have won when one Israeli is killed for 100 Palestinians, and so unconscionable destruction results with the world just watching, knowing that nothing will change the status quo until the US has the courage to call a spade a spade, and insist first on proportionality, and secondly on a return to pre-1967 borders, none of which will be forthcoming.  

The US by this action HAS LOST credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world, and therefore cannot except by sheer economic power, and military power, exert their influence on the rest of us. As a result the US has NO moral authority left.

The fact that a few Zionists are able to hold the world to ransom, just shows how much power they wield! The Palestinians in the region are JUST CANON FODDER both for their own extremist groups but also for the attacking Israelis. They are the wretched expendables here, and they will continue to be expendable.

We will continue to demonstrate at the disgusting sights of Israeli military capability that gets even MORE sophisticated as it gets more lethal as well, but that will NOT change anything until OBAMA who has NO more election to face, has the Courage of his convictions for right and wrong, draws a line in the sand, and instructs his Government NOT to veto a future resolution against the Israelis at the UN Security Council and have Israel held punitively accountable for their actions.

He does not do it because he knows Netanyahu is a psychopath who is ready to destroy the world along with Israel, with his Nuclear Weapons in that instance! He is powerless to stop this self destruction and wants to see his grandkids one day! 


Anonymous said...

ever since the days when civilized societies outlawed lending money at interest, based on their moral principles, and the opportinistic jews continued to loan money at high interest, the jews have learned how to build enormous wealth. it may be inherent or civilizational, but somehow they know how to make money on anything. in making money, they create new things to sell. Facebook is a good example. What is a facebook? Marcus Zuckerberg created it (after screwing over his more genteel partners at Harvard) and sold it after a few years for several billion dollars. BILLION dollars. These are the types of numbers they have achieved these days, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a quiet Jewish trillionaire clan out there, quietly racking up money and influencing the world toward its destruction, upon which the Jewish person will CONTINUE to make money. They're an amazing people.

Ratmale,Minneriya,Sri Lanka said...

I am sorry whoever wrote this is a racist. There is nothing wrong in making money, after all there are many people making money in Sri Lanka who show no scruples in doing so, so don't pick on a race please! it shows your inconsequence.

All races have their bad apples, some maybe worse than others, tell me one that is without guilt

It is the God given right to assume that one race can lord over another is what gets me, and in Sri Lanka there are plenty of them too.

Countries do not belong to races, it belongs to the people who happen to live there, even temporary immigrants, whilst they live in that country and are subject to their laws.

Anonymous said...

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