Thursday, July 3, 2014

Education Spending: The Govt. and the World Bank have both got it wrong!

The Government is at pains to inform the public and low cost lenders such as the World Bank, that they are spending heavily in education. 

The latest ploy is showing the gleaming Mahindodaya Thakshanika Vidyagara which includes Computer and Language Labs, all in one unique design, that mesmerizes all those who see it from the outside. (the external show for the purposes of a mirage)

What is inside? The quality of the computers some miscreant has fooled the Govt. into buying, and lack of proper AC facilities to protect them from overheating and making the class comfortable for learning are lacking inside, and worse, appropriately qualified teachers, able to impart the required skills to students eager to learn,  don’t exist.

The Govt. hopes that the ingenuity of our students to self-teach will carry the day!

In a country where the Minister admits that in his (Education Minister’s) own Electorate of Homagama, that the quality of education has drastically dropped, despite the most lavishly funded Mahinda Rajapakse Vidyalaya where NO expense has been spared,  it really begs the question what has happened to our Education?

The World Bank is lavishly funding a project, that is expected to boost the quality of Education. However knowing the bureaucrats they have to deal with, who don’t understand what a quality education means, it is nigh impossible to achieve the expected results.

Education therefore has been held hostage to politics, where people see the strategically placed Mahindodaya buildings when they drive on the roads, newly painted, so a false sense of expectations on education spending is inculcated in the average Joe’s mindset. 

It is this construction culture, where it is seen, and large kickbacks are the result, where at least in Education the need of the hour is heavy spending on producing quality teachers. Unfortunately the fruits of that brain building is not for all to see, and therefore not considered electorally beneficial and thus set aside as a need. The people, the Country and the Economy suffers, and fools and believers in bullshit development of the government is the result.

It is time the people demand that wasted money is really spent on Education, and not on bricks monitors, mother and key boards with huge kickbacks. The money is there in bundles and oodles, but wasted and miss-spent on fooling the public so that they will be voted in to continue their plunder, as both an uneducated electorate and kickbacks on a mammoth scale are necessary for this longevity exercise.

I will challenge anyone to prove that not more than 50% of the class rooms today had any productive teaching done! Our children are better of at home, where they will learn more, faster, and become creative, coming out with the inventiveness that is inherent in all our minds, but which is massacred and submerged in the education so called Free Education System the Govt. appears to be so proud of! 

Trust me. Anyone who can afford to pay, will opt out of the state system, that is broken. We can fix it, but sadly the wrong people appear to be in power, only fools and horses to be frank, who have NO interest in making a positive change.         


Anonymous said...

speaking of sri lankan profiteering, there is a 5 star branded hotel being built in the south by a man made rich by skimming millions from the construction work of the Mahaweli public works under gamini dissanayaka (UNP), with his approval and consent, who now has supposedly obtained loan funding for the local hotel company (his own) from the United States Government and is implementing the construction of the project using his own construction company. If he makes money on the hotel or not, he'll have skimmed millions from the U.S. Government loan, and the taxpayers of the United States will have made him millions!! huge conflict of interest overlooked by american bureaucrats unaware of the wiles of our people.

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