Monday, May 23, 2016


All participants at this summit have not been given a study pack prior to their attendance, so they have NOT been able to prepare adequately for discussion of the policy direction to be taken.

What we need is a FUNDAMENTAL LIFESTYLE CHANGE, if we believe our goal should be to build a nation, where the quality of life of all those who reside in Sri Lanka, is at its practical highest!

In order for the Fundamental Change, in my previous blog entry, I suggested a drastic change in the Education system as the catalyst and the only means. I don’t believe the reader envisaged, the seismic shift demanded there.

To begin with when 3 and 4 year olds are trained in behavior modification, it affects all core areas of development. Namely, Discipline, Conservation, Reduction in waste and disposal correctly of all items after use, including recycling. (I hope you realize that our sea is one of the most polluted in the world, and the muck that goes from all our rivers to the sea, is not just a cause for alarm, but shame, and none here today at the summit will be aware, let alone take steps to combat this menace) 

Let me add Nutrition, that encourages eating habits of wholesome food, and sustainable practices and minimal use of artificial additives, pesticides and non-recyclable containers in fast food. Efficient living units with maximum use of renewable energy will be the result of these choices, not the current desire for single family dwellings on terra firma, that other Countries have determined are outdated, and we are still encouraging, in our housing policy! I pick on the current urge to provide homes on limited land, in areas with no employment as a prime example of idiocy at work, by well-meaning but uneducated politicians.

Only if this Education plan is successfully implemented can areas such as flood prevention, relocation with mobility, return of old growth forests, re- foresting of mountainsides, optimal use of existing fallow lands, water conservation and groundwater regeneration, soil conservation, effluent minimization and treatment, management of public transport with minimal pollution, highway construction and maintenance with minimum carbon footprint, and efficient  traffic management, and expansion of parkland for recreation of the public be envisaged.

The aforementioned areas will ONLY lead to an improvement in the quality of life of all citizens living in Sri Lanka. This must be the ONLY criteria under discussion, above all else, and especially the numbers game being bandied about by people with self-interest over the national interest.

As part of this exercise and in order to understand why the above strategy is preferable to any other, is to look at a prime example of a major strategy gone wrong in Biyagama where I currently work.

Take the development of Biyagama, a newly designated area in 1977, carved out from Kelaniya, and created with the BOI Industrial Zone, the cornerstone of the development model close to Colombo, the port and ALL resources. The PM then as an extremely youthful Minister of Industries was tasked with making it a success. It had all the promising ingredients for success.

What do we have now? Haphazard development without proper designation of industrial and housing zones, so homes and factories sit side by side. On top of it people built, politicians took, and flood plains filled, sand mined, and now NO ONE living in Biyagama wants to work in the Industries created there!

The biggest industry is of people building rooms in their homes, to rent out to workers coming from all parts of the Country to work in the factories. There are more than 25,000 vacancies, with locals not wanting to fill any of them, or are not sufficiently qualified to do so. Due to the lack of respectable residential areas, ALL managers of ALL companies, those earning in excess of Rs75,000 a month commute to Biyagama from outside of the area to work there every morning, the residents of Biyagama go outside to Colombo to work, or sit at home, renting their rooms to workers and prefer to be lotus eaters, and about 75,000 workers from homes around the Country, live and work in factories in the area.

How stupid is this model? Worse the floods of this week brought home, the humongous idiocy in planning permission, to build in areas that should never have resulting in innocent people paying the price of their homes being under water, some for the first time ever, due to the political patronage for money at the expense of the development of the area.

Frankly, being so close to Colombo and with so much potential, people in Polonnaruwa have a better quality of life, than the residents of Biyagama, be they permanently living there, or working there living in boarding houses! In hindsight, designation of zones for different types of development should have been made, as well as quality education for the locals, to take the jobs on offer there, as there too few locals with the relevant qualifications work there!

You just have to drive around, seeing the way the unplanned development has organically taken place, with people in tiny plots, with hardly any road access living any which way he can, and half the BOI Comapnies closed down! some for lack of labor, others being uncompetitive with other Countries where productivity is higher, such as Vietnam. What has the local authority tasked with planned development done? NOTHING – What a wasted opportunity? 


It worth taking a look at this previous strategy in trying to understand how well meaning policies look stupid 40 years on due to improper implementation of all segments for holistic success.

Sri Lanka is at a unique juncture in history, with a National Govt. in place, and a new Constitution in the offing giving it the ONLY chance EVER of going back to basics and coming up with the sustainable plan.

So let us set aside, personal and political agendas, draw up a plan for the Country for the next 50 years,  and begin implementing it, being immune from short term political advantages. We dont have an option, because if current practices continue, there is grave doubt if there will be a habitable country in 50 years, so if we agree on that one point, then we can take the necessary steps to change, seismically! nothing less.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Foresight Summit is missing a key word – Education

Without Education, one cannot have any foresight, nor can one innovate. Isn’t it then not surprising that owing to this lack of Education, the contribution of stakeholders to this important strategizing process, is woefully inadequate?

This word screams out loud at me, when I reflect on the real reason for our National Problem, when as a Country we are blessed in every sense of the word.

If we had educated people, we would never have suffered a series of cataclysmic insurrections of civil strife, especially since Independence, when we have been the masters of our own destiny. So what is this lack of Education?

After all, the 1971 JVP uprising that had a significant impact on my life and the course it took due to local uncertainties, was borne out of frustrations of the so called, educated Youth. No, they were so uneducated, they did not realize the extent of their lack of knowledge, that the Bandaranayake Hela Basha regimen imposed on them, that ironically his widow, Sirima, had to confront the by products of this transition, due her husband’s misunderstood drive to embrace the vernacular, when it failed in delivery. The newly empowered educated, were simply not employable, or there were insufficient employment opportunities for the skills they possessed.

This lesson of 1971 and subsequent insurrections have still NOT been learned. We appear to continue down this same misguided path, where products of this education, fail to achieve their potential. This is because they are NOT sufficiently educated to understand their shortcomings in a Global context, where unless they are able to adapt to changes occurring in other countries, and be flexible, they will NOT be able to achieve their life’s ambitions, despite being graduates of the state University system.

It is this readiness to face reality, is what I refer to here as Education. It is NOT merely a certificate to that one has obtained the minimum marks to get it. What is needed is an Education that satisfies the aspirations of the job seeker. The seeker in this instance, believes himself to be educated, and is therefore under the misunderstanding that they are somehow entitled to a job.

The Sri Lanka Economy is facing many challenges due to the actions of successive Governments, that in hindsight have made very poor decisions, on behalf of its subjects. We can blame no one or acts of God, as we have been spared many of the disasters other are faced with, with the Tsunami being the notable exception. For a Country that is regressing in the era of progress a massive U turn is the only solution to this dilemma.
Education is therefore at the heart and SOUL of this change that we need. I believe the Prime Minister also subscribes to this, but is woefully short of talented people who can deliver on the promises made. If truth be told, the whole concept and execution of Education is in need of a nuclear explosion. This must be a GAME CHANGER if the people’s aspirations for clean Government, Environmental Conservation, Better Education and Healthcare and Nutrition are to be fulfilled.

What is Education? Who are the stakeholders? What is the objective of the Education we seek? As mentioned earlier we are inextricably part of the Global Electorate. There is NO going back on it, with 2 million+ citizens working temporarily in foreign lands. We now cater to Global markets of people, goods and services, and we are mere bit players, who must turn it to our advantages. Being a bit player has its advantages, especially when we can identify niches we can specialize in as we can never compete on economies of scale in production.

In this game of finding niches, INNOVATION is the key to learning tools of the future in order to create an educated person. The INTERNET has brought home like no other medium, how limited an individual’s knowledge is, and how easy it is to access any information we want, and what it is we want from that information to benefit us. We therefore have NO excuse to be uneducated, as it becomes, merely a means to the goals we set ourselves.

In that context during the child phase of a person, that is up until O level stage, or age 16, the State should take responsibility of providing the basic knowledge needed for a person’s future adult development. After that point the person should be armed with the tools for their own development, with the knowledge of how they can go about acquiring the additional skills for the job, vocation, or income stream they plan to earn from. SO to repeat, till age 16 the STATE KNOWS BEST, and the FORESIGHT here is to determine what our citizens MUST know by that age, and how we can go about giving them that knowledge. It is clear that we have to go back to basics again. The present system has failed in giving what is needed in 2016, and a complete overhaul is sorely needed. NOT sticking plaster for a broken leg, it has just got to be fixed properly.

The FORESIGHT is to realize that the Parents of today, have singularly failed in their parenting, possibly due to their lack of skills, (aka Education) and we must take alternative steps to somehow repair this crack in the basic foundation of a child’s life. The state MUST shoulder this burden through a sophisticated system of pre-schools, with highly trained teachers, to start our students on the right path, because the preparatory disciplining prior to school entry is as vital as all the years in school, and the NEW EDUCATION MUST ENCOMPASS it.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The need to establish an international anti-corruption center urgently

With the anti-corruption summit hosted by PM Cameron in the UK and the Sri Lankan President’s participation, the request as reported in an LBO page today, brings to the fore, the need for international cooperation, especially in view of much of the proceeds of international big time corruption, ending in the economies or the developed Western World for want of a better word.

Just think rationally the world is full of rich crooks making money on cross border deals and accounts and moving assets here and there, losing traceability. The US on the other hand is the toughest especially on its own citizens in keeping a tab on the movement of their wealth, forcing banks ALL OVER THE WORLD to report ALL transactions entered into by them, so that they all can be captured, investigated and prosecuted. In that context the US citizen suffers the most in business deals, as they cannot technically even pay a bribe, when the rest of the world is happily doing to so for the benefit of their own businesses and their economies.

Frankly it is a level playing field in this aspect that we are all looking for, so that each citizen has the best chance of being served with the best product that money can buy, to benefit his quality of life, rather than the power brokers of is Country making investment decisions on products and services that are NOT the best, but due to bribery and corruption, a huge cost is borne by innocent people due to the action of others for personal interest over the public good.

Due to the sophisticated methods of crime, and proceeds of crime and the spread of drugs as another source of funds being transferred under the radar by dubious means, it is increasingly difficult to get a grip on the true extent of the problem.

If we just take Sri Lanka in isolation, an island nation, open to all sorts of crime from outside, and some say even a transshipment hub for the international drug trade, our citizens are openly being challenged into being addicted to hard drugs, which spells disaster whichever way you look at it.

Why this should be outside the ambit of the UN is another question one might ask, but is clear that the UN has become an unwieldy behemoth and this requires a more independent jurisdiction similar to the ICC. Of course one should start it immediately and open it to all Countries to join when they are ready to adhere to the rules that govern this organization.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

The statistics on which much research and policy is decided is misleading!

Sri Lankan policy makers and planners as well as independent researchers are slaves to statistics from the Central Bank and the Department of Census and Statistics which for years have merely collected figures, WITHOUT a thought as to what they meant, or how they could in reality be interpreted.

Let me outline some of them.

1                      All foreign passport holders arriving in Sri Lanka are included in the Tourist arrival numbers. How many of them are of Sri Lankan origin? How many have dual nationality and how many are NOT genuine tourists, who just come to SL 6 times a year to stay in their home!. No one can give an answer to that yet, nor even provide a rough guess, based on empirical evidence.

2                      30% of the people are considered farmers, but less than a tenth of them actually rely on farming for their primary source of income! They may have other jobs, or their wives in the Middle East may be the primary breadwinner, whilst the income they derive from working their land is less than 10% of household income. No one has looked into this issue.

3                      More than three million Sri Lankan citizens live overseas, and the Govt. does not have ANY idea how many, and where they live, and they did not get counted in the ten yearly census last taken. Their details are VITAL for policy planning and decision making.

4                      US$3B come annually to Sri Lanka, by channels outside of the banking system and don’t get recorded in inward remittances, and are completely missed on ALL statistics that the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank use to make assumptions for exchange rate and Balance of Payments policy.

5                      As a result of the above, the daily loss of about US$6Million out of Sri Lanka, be it smuggling currency out or people paying this directly to third parties in foreign countries who then give the rupees in Sri Lanka is also not recorded, as both are lost in transit!

6                      The problem in 5 above is that the massive money laundering in drug money is in this area, where the drugs come in and they are sold to local people who then pay in rupees, which are then sold for foreign currency out side the banking system, and then is smuggled out. Another is that these drug rupees are given to local people whose relatives give the dollars in the Middle East to an intermediary, who then reimburses the drug lords out of that overseas without the cash coming in or out of Sri Lanka.

7                      When the annual household survey is filled out which forms part of the electoral register, one is supposed to fill in the name of the relative overseas and state that person is abroad. However most do not fill them, as they are NOT sure whether they have to, as there is also a question as to which household that overseas dwelling person should be included in or some other issue of not having a home. They are therefore completely lost to the system.

8                      Balance of payments are completely erroneous, because so much of the invoices are not correct due to under or over invoicing for all sorts of purposes be it to pay lower duties on imports, or hide money overseas and so the figures on which policy and exchange rate decisions are made are erroneous and efforts are NOT made to estimate what this leakage might be to be able to take corrective action, or reduce the incidents of such.

9                      There are many payments made for overseas goods and services from Credit cards in Sri Lanka, and some of it is for Education also in overseas countries, and sometimes students use their parents credit cards to draw money, and how this appears in the statistics is also not clear.

10                 Then there are Sri Lankans who travel overseas, and either take exchange from here, and also use ATMs overseas to draw money. The tickets are usually purchased locally which have to be paid for to an overseas agent or airline, and there are funds transferred out. Whether is appears in goods or services is a question, and also in calculating the Trade Balance, whether NON_ TRADE items are included there is also a question.

11                 The Tourist Industry includes, inward currency exchanges in Sri Lanka, and Tour Operators transfer of funds to their Agents in Sri Lanka for payment of bills. Then there is the foreign element of a holiday, such as the airline used, and other foreign payments. Then there is the imports of consumer and capital goods for this industry, be it food for daily consumption or imported kitchenware for the Hotels, these also need to be captured correctly in order to determine the true benefit of tourism to Sri Lanka, if any!

12                 The true investment in Housing Stock when many illgotten gains go into building a house or houses, and don’t get recorded anywhere as the money is not shown as income, but the expense in shown as costs.

The above examples are clear indications of how we use statistics can affect how we make decisions on certain matters, especially when they are matters that affect the long term policy decisions that affect our lives. In short the Black Economy, here I mean the unrecorded one, plays a vital role in the growth and prosperity of our people, but to what extent it helps and harms is unknown.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Economic Mismanagement being a Governance Problem

The Verite Research analysis in today’s Daily Mirror re the above likens running the Country to a Private Company being run, where the Owner is likened to the Public and the Manager the Agent who runs it being the Elected Representatives who have a fiduciary duty to the Owner, as there is an element of trust in the relationship, and can be fired if that is broken or the performance is NOT up to scratch.

The glaring figure, that explains MUCH OF WHAT WE ARE SUFFERING FROM TODAY, is the HOLE of Rs330Billion (256+74) created by the Govt. post its 2015 election win to give the goodies to the people as promised, which to me seems to be the Catalyst to why we are now having to pay for this with taxes on everything we spend on, increased to pay for it.

Frankly the astounding import of 700,000 vehicles to Sri Lanka in 2015 also explains how the people said thanks by importing so many vehicles, that we are NOW suffering from the effect of too many traffic jams and an air pollution disaster in the making.

Elections in that sense have lead to the downfall of the Country, as in every election cycle, the short term solutions are at the expense of HUGE LONG TERM COSTS that our people have to bear for their own greed and inability to realize that the election gimmicks are an unacceptable price of our foolishness.

It is all the more important now that after the checks and balances are put in place for good governance, that they are followed by procedures that have teeth in law, so that none attempt to circumvent these good governance practices which will then lead to the downfall of the very notion that we are now hanging our hat on.

If the Country is to have a future, we must understand the importance of these practices, and everyone tasked with managing the assets and dictates of the people are cognizant of the trust placed upon them NOT to be tempted to fatten their personal interests over those of the Country they deem to serve.

This calls for a huge change in the culture of the people and whether that is possible in light of daily encounters is the million dollar question. We just don’t want a repeat of the daylight robbery of the nations assets we witnessed in the last 11 years in this Country,

Corruption Summit in London – President to address the gathering

It will be a huge challenge today for President Sirisena in believing what he is going to say, and if his speechwriters have read it correctly, as they would have written the speech in English a language the President is NOT a natural at, I hope it is one of hope and expectation of being able to correct endemic corruption, which needs a government committed to a cultural change at the top.

The attached article appearing in today’s FT by Dharisha Bastians is well worth reading to appraise oneself of the internal dynamics that are at play in Sri Lanka vis a vis the people’s mandate to end corruption, and Govt.’s inability, incapacity or non-urgency to do anything about it!

Much has been said that the leaders of the most corrupt Countries on Earth will be in attendance,  which include Nigeria and Afghanistan. However I would like to see David Cameron the host, under whose initiative this takes place, will acknowledge that the London is the repository of a huge chunk of the ill gotten gains of corruption, mainly in the property sector, where illegal earnings have resulted in properties bought in Central London that since their acquisition, have even resulted in value increases of over ten-fold, which only encourage more flow into London, and not less. Surely this is better than putting your money in an offshore account, earning almost no interest!

As a rule of thumb if one were to identify which properties they maybe, it is to begin with by identifying ALL unoccupied properties, that are owned by those who are NOT British, companies, or individuals. However I am sure as the UK has benefited from this foreign funds flow into these properties, despite its huge housing shortage, Cameron WILL NOT be making any moves, to investigate how the purchasers funded the purchase, along with the Government of the purchasers Nationality.

Let us hope that the President is able to follow up on his words, and his place as a person elected on an anti-corruption front, with action and begin with reign in his prodigal son, by first paying all the bills sent to the SL High Commission in London for payment, and then take the moral high ground in cleaning up the mess by standing firm, and exposing the blaggards, who are currently using their influence within the present administration to evade prosecution.

If the article referred to above is reliable, then he has got his hands full, as his PM is not in any hurry to have his nemesis hauled up in Court, for personal political reasons, that are obvious, but NOT in the NATIONAL INTEREST!  

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

“A vast drop in the GDP” – Should the newspapers report such asinine statements without reservation?

I attach a link to an article in the Daily News today, taken from a political statement, that bears no basis in reality, made by the firebrand Communist DEW Gunesekera at a political meeting.

I have not seen the equivalent report in the Dinamina, but I assume a similar report would appear. Knowing the fact that the Media is now free and Independent and the Lake House Newspapers are now more balanced, actually reporting what opponents of the Govt. say, a far cry from the MR administration of the past, should it have come with a caveat with the actually facts as published by the Central Bank?

Any reasonable person would know that the GDP of Sri Lanka has NOT fallen as alleged. However the reader who is none the wiser would believe this statement as there has NOT been an explanation of the facts. Further if one reads the article one can see the unconscionable statements attributed to Mr Gunesekera, and frankly it is the DUTY of the journalist to counter these grossly incorrect statements. Is this what the Govt. means when they say the Media gives too much publicity to the MR side, without even checking on the facts?

Whose fault is this? Should Lake House vet what the journalist writes and makes corrections? Or give their journalists free reign to report as they see fit. No responsible journalist would just report a statement that is CLEARY untrue, without making a caveat and stating facts with reference to the CB report on the GDP figures. Is this because we still don’t have journalists who can honestly call themselves that, and are mere reporters reporting what they heard or taped from a press conference.

It is time journalists standards are improved all across the Country to make them understand the harm it can do to perception by such reporting. I am endlessly at odds with people who parrot things they have read in the local press, and I have to be at pains to explain the truth and reality.

All journalist MUST attend workshops conducted by an independent body on improving their skills and they need to get some credits for that and a certificate after their participation, which is then logged in some journalists database, where the public have access to, to check how educated, and believable the writer is on that topic, or if he is merely a reporter of parrot’s sayings!    

Friday, May 6, 2016

Follow UP on the RTI Bill and the SC rulings

I read today that the Govt. will make the necessary amendments so that the Bill will only require a simple majority to pass. If one is to believe the attached link, the Govt. says it will only strengthen the Bill with the amendments!

Frankly it is a level of logic I just don’t buy, but in order to study it further, I tried to obtain a copy and tied to understand the goings on as to why the SC ruled such and so come to my conclusions. I was however thwarted in my search, as it is NOT freely available to download and study.

If there is any one who reads this and has the latest draft of the Bill that was submitted to the SC I would like to get a link to where it can be found, together with the particular clauses which were of concern.

I am making this statement following on from the earlier entry in the link below

It is important that the RTI Bill and thereafter the ACT is reflective of the best practice, taking into consideration the various ACTs currently in existence throughout the world, and the inconsistencies, and the inability of some, to be practiced, due to impractical considerations, that were not pointed out prior to their enactment. We, by delaying this for so long, have a wealth of experience from around the world to use, in order to improve the quality so the right balance is achieved, where certain information if divulged too early would lead to missing opportunities benefitting Sri Lanka, would be recognized as being sacred cows that do not have to be disclosed.

There must be some ability to make minor amendments to the ACT to take account of unforeseen possibilities that may suddenly occur, that the ACT interprets in a way that is detrimental to the common good that obviously requires immediate amendment, due either an anomalous situation, or a previously unforeseen even taking place that makes an ass of the current legislation in that particular area.

The most important point now is NOT to make any more excuses, but to immediately do the needful to have the Bill make into law, and there is excellent communication, with the people, and a responsible media to explain the parts that will help with good governance and efficient government.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Let’s talk about the RTI Bill requiring a two thirds majority

I have not studied the details of the Supreme Court ruling regarding the draft RTI bill that HAS received assent by all the Provincial Councils, and has been a part of the Govt. 100 day plan that is yet to take shape, and is an integral part of the political reforms that the public have VOTED FOR and are WAITING FOR!

So it is incumbent upon the Govt. to ensure this Bill becomes law, by taking every endeavor to get the two thirds majority it needs in the Parliament. I am apprehensive that there may be horse-trading, where rogues in Parliament may wish their particular investigations be permanently dropped if they are to give their vote for the Bill! That smacks of getting away with murder!

It has caught the Govt. between a rock and hard place and those parliamentarians who want to play the game of bluff and counter bluff with the people are those who are most happy with this ruling. In fact that number amounts to the whole parliament, with no one really wanting it to be passed, as it is them and them only who are at most risk of exposure due to the waste of public money that they continue to daily indulge in.

So my dear reader, what has happened? This independent Supreme Court has just put on the blinkers of legal status as it pertains to the present discredited Constitution, and said that two thirds is needed knowing very well that it will not be forthcoming and if they remove those important clauses of the bill, then the whole value of a basically decent RTI Bill becomes indecent, and WORTHLESS.

The people of Sri Lanka are yet caught up between a rock and hard place. Is there any condition upon which the Supreme Court can determine otherwise? Especially because without the clauses the spirit of the January 8th revolution is cast aside to a more sedate and less stringent one, that does not achieve the ends of Good Governance.

I will appreciate an opinion of a more educated person who can give me an answer as to how this problem can be resolved in the best interests of the Spirit of the Bill to be of benefit in the QUEST FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE.

I am concerned that this is the tip of the iceberg in delaying tactics, and we just cannot afford to be tripped up at every step of the way, opening the gates for those who are power hungry to grab whatever chance by fooling the people yet again, and not being honest with what is best for the Country. 

I am appalled that I have not seen any analysis of this in the press, or any concern stated by Govt. to ensure all steps will be taken to make this bill, LAW!  

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We the people want to defend our institutions against the destructive onslaught!

BUT our elected leaders acting like clowns make it harder for us to defend this stance. Drastic steps must be taken to correct this status if we are to preserve the Unitary Nature of our Country, and forever banish any idea of putting up any barriers within this tiny island, with a population less than many cities.

There is NO decorum nor manners in Parliament because the ATA PASS KATTIYA rule over us, and we seem to like to elect this genre as they have the foulest mouths, and proven track record of criminals. Little wonder then that an incarcerated Politician scored the highest preferential votes at the last Election, because people feel sympathy for crooks, but don’t like those who work for a living, as the example of noble life are of those WHO DON’T EARN A LIVING BY THEIR PHYSICAL OR MENTAL TOIL.

By the way some who claim degrees or doctorates are in fact ATA PASS actors.

Workers of Sri Lanka, we must regain Sri Lanka from the SHIRKERS, who have made it an art and science to rule over the workers, and tax them when they breathe or even take the phone to make a call, while they overspend the public money, have NO concern for those who pay all their bills, and have not the slightest concern for the long suffering public who provide them with their lifestyle, almost as a GOD GIVEN right to them to live, leaching on us!!

There is NO quick fix to solve our problems. However it is easy to solve if we live by a few principles of Government, if enacted into our New Constitution. All along in my blog I have made suggestions for improvement in every aspect of our lives, and so far they have fallen on deaf ears. However I note that now people have begun to realize the truth and practicality of what I have been saying for the last 11 years in Sri Lanka, that unless we have fundamental change of mindset we cannot make the changes we need to reverse this mass desecration of our Island by our elected representatives, and their stooges who ingratiate themselves to their coat tails, be they the Law Enforcement Officers, the Judiciary, the village thugs or the Big Business Tycoons, all who have put self-interest above common interest.

The stumbling block as I see it is the voter, who is still easily fooled by divisive politics and lies, not having the education to dissect between truth and evil, choosing evil or good! None of those in power seem to want to change that status quo as it appears that they benefit from that mindset. SO it is up to us workers, to begin a movement of informing the people, painstakingly at first, but once there is sufficient momentum, those convinced can then seek more converts of their own, so that by the next election, the babies are thrown out with the bath water.

Just see what roadblocks have been put up on the RTI Bill, has anyone even dissected what the problem is and how one can solve the SC impasse? Even Colombo Telegraph only inform, NOT opine, so we have a 4th Estate that has yet to grow up, further burdening the public to do their job too to get over that hurdle. BUT WE CAN and let us all join in this ESSENTIAL DUTY for the sake of A future for Sri Lanka.