Sunday, July 20, 2014

Israel! What if it was called Palestine instead?

I have embarked on a series of blog entries that are provocative in order to obtain some clarity both for myself and the readers in how we could see a way out of the mess, as the crisis has been a festering sore for as long as anyone can remember.

The reason I have also introduced some thoughts, is to see how we can learn from the Israeli experience in solving our own ethnic woes, so that we can have a lasting resolution, where all the Sri Lankans can live in harmony, proud of our heritage!

The answers to both the Sri Lanka and Israeli issue both seem to be the same. Taking Israel to start with, it seems that they mischievously and the world foolishly have blamed the crisis on Palestinians and their individual warring factions as being the problem, that they are unable to find commonality and settlement of their grievances.

Actually it is Israel’s problem all along. They call the shots, make all the running and blame the Palestinians for it. Therefore the solution lies completely with Israel, and the Palestinians do not even need to be consulted, it is that simple. The question is whether they will do it!  

Why can’t Israel declare that whole area as one Country inhabited by all who currently live in this greater Palestine and call it Palestine as it was always called as a region? Like the integration of the two Germanys’ people of two different levels of income managed it, albeit they were one race and religion was not an issue. Taking a cue from the 2 million Christian and Muslim Arabs who live in Israel now, it is a matter of integrating another 8 million people! The Lebanese refugee camps will disappear too!  A multiethnic democracy is the answer, where an example will be shown how moderate Islam is practiced, and then all Islam fundamentalism will also disappear from the world as their whole basis for being falls apart.

Why not? Zionism! That concept is outdated and only if Israel can change out of that will it happen. 

In Sri Lanka the why not is Sinhala Buddhism, which has NO place in 2014 world either, but it is that concept that is preventing Sri Lanka from achieving a true and lasting peace, and instead has created a monster that threatens the very existence, stability and longevity of our state. 

It is time to buck the Nationalism based on me and my race, and bring back the US and WE are the world concepts back into this Country where 15% of citizens live and work overseas, immersed in a culture different to ours, and bankrolls our very existence. 

The Use of Disproportionate Force means but one thing!

Is there anyone here who is denying that the Israelis have engaged in the use of disproportionate force? to subjugate what is essentially a small show of resistance, by an exhausted and friendless bunch of people, extremists if you must, who are willing to sacrifice everything they have, which is just a motley collection of pathetic arms, that any self respecting guerilla organization would not be seen dead holding onto! In essence the Israeli Army (IDF) is using the weight of one of the most powerful forces in the world using US technology to attack an essentially civilian population.

Hamas has no friends and supporters left! The world’s attention is elsewhere, and the Israelis think that by this action they will prevent this nuisance of rockets coming streaming in to Israel, they must be sadly mistaken.

Let us be pragmatic. Every Palestinian wants Palestine, and how they express this desire is different. Whatever Israel does is going to increase this desire and NOT diminish it, and so everything they do is counter-productive. It is that latter point if understood, by the Zionists in Israel, which will change the status quo and NOT until then.

There is NO way you can tell them they have Gaza and can have a state there. You’ve got to be kidding. Israeli expansionism is rampant, and the wall built around their settlements in the West Bank a bizzare and insulting message to the Palestinians that they are just there to serve.

Remember Isreal has a huge Arab population within its boundaries they keep completely silenced, by indirect threat that their lives which are probably the most secure in the Arab world would be rendered Gazan if they get out of line, so they are a very meek segment of Israeli population, going about their daily lives, knowing they have No option if they want to live in their homelands!

It should be noted that due to Palestinian resistance this significant community have almost been lost to the world, and their leaders have been reduced to Uncle Toms for want of a better word to describe them.

The Arabs are their worst enemy as Israel is a super-efficient sophisticated society who know what they are about, and no one is going to upset that superiority however hard they try, and internecine wars in Arab lands is going to enhance that.

It is ONLY up to the NON ARAB world to point to Israel, that they cannot morally join the civilized world with their behavior and cannot hide behind Arab inhumanity, to look gleamingly civilized! 

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hamas dominate Gaza. They hold power and openly operate out of the goodwill of the local people there. The Israelis have their spy network which is now so sophisticated they have live feed of ALL of Gaza where they wish to monitor in real time. They can hear and see everything in the area.

They have been looking for every opportunity to go in and take the positions they believe are a threat, OUT. So the killing of the Jewish kids and the resulting backlash provided the perfect opportunity for them to launch their surgical strikes killing 250 innocents thus far and more to come this week with the ground ops.

Hamas are willing on more killings in Gaza so they get more sympathy from the world. What is their end game? Are they making a calculated guess that one day the deaths become so gruesome, that even the US will have to lift its veto?

If that is NOT the end game they are so foolish willing to sacrifice countless lives, for a game they are NOT making any headway in deterring Israeli resolve to destroy Hamas at every instance. The Hamas rockets, and drones and ALL other armour are NO match for the Israeli defense system the DOME defense~

How much is the world going to report and become disgusted, but just look on at their self-destructive actions, as the Hamas want to show that they can fire rockets! Come on it is like the Indian firing arrows at the enemy armed with a different generation of both defense and attack weaponry, the sophistication of which even the Hamas commanders, relatively amateur compared to the Israeli professionals don’t realize they are up against.

The Palestinians will not fight Hamas as they are emotionally embroiled in the carnage with NO hope for a better future, even if there is peace, as they are hereded into a rotten piece of land that no one else wants! Israel MUST realize this is the state of play until they are able to destroy all humanity in that strip.

The tunnels the latest attempt by the Hamas to make a dent is just a waste of space as even the Egyptians will not permit weapons to come Gaza from Sinai, so why are they pursing a self-destructive path? Then only world sympathy to feed on! Is that going to dent the Israeli resolve for the status quo? Not a chance. 

Friday, July 18, 2014


How can we justify a conflict that does not want to end? There is NO end game, as Israel wants all rights to live in the areas they currently occupy and want more whilst at the same time the Palestinians cannot accept Israel’s right to exist.

For that reason the GAZA a tiny strip of humanity in the Israeli sea creates and will continue to create hate against Israel, which will NEVER stop, and using rudimentary weapons try to attack Israel in a David Goliath conflict, where the David here is Palestinian and Goliath is Israel. The world’s only Jewish state (parallels with SL!) is fully armed, well prepared, unparalleled espionage system with sophisticated listening devices, in every Palestinian Home, where they know which house to pin point, and have weapons of pin point accuracy ready to kill guilty and innocent at the same ferocity.

The Palestinians know they have NO chance, and Israel is already planning ground offensives, where Palestinians are ready to believe that they have won when one Israeli is killed for 100 Palestinians, and so unconscionable destruction results with the world just watching, knowing that nothing will change the status quo until the US has the courage to call a spade a spade, and insist first on proportionality, and secondly on a return to pre-1967 borders, none of which will be forthcoming.  

The US by this action HAS LOST credibility in the eyes of the rest of the world, and therefore cannot except by sheer economic power, and military power, exert their influence on the rest of us. As a result the US has NO moral authority left.

The fact that a few Zionists are able to hold the world to ransom, just shows how much power they wield! The Palestinians in the region are JUST CANON FODDER both for their own extremist groups but also for the attacking Israelis. They are the wretched expendables here, and they will continue to be expendable.

We will continue to demonstrate at the disgusting sights of Israeli military capability that gets even MORE sophisticated as it gets more lethal as well, but that will NOT change anything until OBAMA who has NO more election to face, has the Courage of his convictions for right and wrong, draws a line in the sand, and instructs his Government NOT to veto a future resolution against the Israelis at the UN Security Council and have Israel held punitively accountable for their actions.

He does not do it because he knows Netanyahu is a psychopath who is ready to destroy the world along with Israel, with his Nuclear Weapons in that instance! He is powerless to stop this self destruction and wants to see his grandkids one day! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Do we have to scavenge the depths of the great oceans to find an article that makes a Headline in the Daily FT?

Sri Lanka tipped as Asia’s new Island of growth is today’s top story in the Daily FT. (11th July 2014) Was there NO news to write like the CSE rise!

Whilst we must be proud of anyone who opines on this, we must look to the substance of the article and its source.

The link above is the reference to the complete article from which selective extracts have been taken, some out of context to make the point in the story. Both the blog from which it was taken Seekingalpha and the writer of the article Fraser Dinnis, whose spelling was atrociously mis spelt in the FT article are fringe publications and contrarian analysts. Therefore using the word “renowned investment banking and equity markets specialist” for him, is giving him a day in the sun, like he has never had before in his life. He would be most pleased, and no doubt would jump on the next plane to come and give a talk in something like the annual Chamber of Commerce Seminar to be held next month. I am sure he is angling for an all expenses paid invitation for the event including airfare!

Jokes apart he is comparing with Singapore. Which is the world’s most expensive city to live in, and they have made it to the top. There is nowhere for them to go! It is a no brainer there. Sure Sri Lanka has a lot of upside potential and can grow at a much higher rate than Singapore. He must to do justice explain why it is better than the comparative other Asian economies of South East Asia to get a better perspective of the relative investment climate.

I am also a person who believes that given a few different set of Governance fundamentals we can grow at double digits, and that the huge remittance pool from overseas can be put to far better use than at present, but that foundation is yet to be implemented.

I just hope that we don’t give misplaced adulation to people and articles that don’t deserve them, but be a little wary of taking anything that comes. We don’t want to be so desperate as to be bottom fishing. Just tell the Govt. to pay to plant an article like this in the WSJ and then there will be some believers other than locals.

This contrasts sharply with my earlier blog entry today on the daylight robbery taking place by the Govt. in power in contrast to Singapore's scrupulous morals! 

Is there no end to this excess? Why do Sri Lankans tolerate such brazen looting?

The 28 KM of the proposed single track railway extension from Matara to Beliatta is expected to cost US$278M, which works out at US$10M a KM!!! I guess the readers say so what it wrong?

Simply put, you ask an experienced Railway hand who knows what it takes to build a railway line, and knowing the terrain there, and land costs which are much lower in these sparsely populated areas, he will tell you at most it would cost US$1M a KM.  That is actually more than the Rs100M a KM he estimated, but I let him have some more leeway for usurious interest rates from Chinese lenders to get to the easily remembered US$1M per km rate.

When you can do the job at one tenth of the proposed costs, what is going on? Daylight Robbery and no one seems to care. Are we populated by such undeveloped people, who permit their rulers to steal from their mouths before the food enters the mouth from their hand?

This is simply unacceptable, and those who comment on my posts even have the gall to commend this government for their sins. Yes the Chinese will give any amount in loans because the Govt. guarantees them. They are not going to look at the realistic value of the project or if it is grossly inflated, as it does not matter to them, and what matters is that we repay our borrowing!!!!

The English speaking people look at Colombo and its developments and feign any knowledge of indescribable looting of the Exchequer and future income of the Country into the hands of a few, because their minds have also been bought out by greed as they have also been offered some crumbs to keep their mouths shut.

Only when we can stop this culture of impunity, where NO one is accountable and every one pretends they don’t know, can we even begin to get a handle on this scandalous practice. How can we point out to our people that they have been taken for a ride of astronomic proportions? Why are we so frightened of exposing this unbridled looting of our wealth by a few we have placed in positions of authority.

To say that we are a democracy where we have elected these rogues to go on thieving is a direct indictment on all of us who have placed our cross in the ballot, as we have nailed our children forever to the cross, and they will be made to pay for our sins of commission as well as omission, so forgive me GOD.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The story is the same: It is all about mind games to transfer guilt from self

The scandalous episodes of pedophiliac sex abuse in high society Britain and the allegations of HR violations against a few in Sri Lankan high society today, have both lead to insinuations of collective guilt of nations.

In reality the guilty are an exclusive small group of privileged people in both instances, but the respective countries have been branded with this guilt especially amongst those who look in from outside both those shores.

I am sure that those who live within the shores know better, but it is hard to be able to present a clear picture of the guilty because the guilty themselves go to extremes to blame it on society as a whole, and not on the fallibility of the perpetrators of the crimes. In both instances, the guilty disown their guilt.

The link is to a journalistic masterpiece by Simon Jenkins of the Guardian, I wish we had similar perceptive opinion writers in Sri Lanka! It explains further what I am trying to say, as it wraps the allegations in knots to protect the guilty, who I believe are people in a position of power and influence able to do so, and therefore the nation is tainted by this scandal which will take many decades to erase from people’s collective consciences.      

In a similar vein Sri Lankans will have to live with this allegation of racism for decades, when only a few in a moment of triumphalism and omnipotence made decisions that continue to haunt us today, and have subjected, more like tortured our society to extricate themselves from their guilt.

This behavior on two different topics show the extent of domination of our lives by a few who attempt to hide behind this collective guilt, to appear clean. As Simon Jenkins said, we just need to name and shame the guilty, and at a stroke we will be free of the shackles of imprisonment that continue to destroy our sense of peace and prosperity.

It is time to round up the dogs and show them who is the master! We the people must exercise our rights over those who have fooled us with games and duplicitous behavior for so long, leading us down the garden path. We must just cage them.      

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The tragedy of a false veneer in Education – leave it to the Educators


In a whole series of blog entries over the years, I have blogged on the desperate need for a few simple steps to improve the product that is manufactured from the Free Education system.

Put simply the Free Education system does not develop a child to his or her potential, and increasingly parents who are able to, try their utmost to send their kids to a private establishment, both at the secondary level and at tertiary level with the belief that at least there will be some relief to meet their future aspirations.

This latter group, generally those competent in English garner the best jobs available, and also are the most attractive to permanent migration to Countries as they are usually the skilled that skilled people importing Countries such as Australia, NZ, USA and Canada want.

The products of the Free Education system are therefore left to fend for themselves, polluting the Govt. service with incompetence, as they have received political appointments that further erode the quality of the public service.

No amount of gas chamber Mahindodayas is going to solve the problem as stated in my previous blog entry. It is not the Construction for all to see, misplaced for mind manipulation and self-glorification, but what you cannot see, namely the effort of GOOD teachers which will transform all our kids into stars and not sycophants!  We currently generate sycophants that cannot see, hear nor talk sense due to their limited capabilities as products of this education system.

The need of the hour is to divert the funds available, and trust me there are billions in the kitty, NOT TO pad the sycophants each time they defend their master, but instead to training the best Teachers in the world. We have good teachers from Sri Lanka teaching all over the world, because they are good, not because of going behind a politico for appointments.

When I see Mahinda Rajapakse give teaching appointments to Graduates who cannot teach, it just makes me throw up knowing the damage they WILL DO to the students. The UK has already begun a process of firing teachers if they don’t rise up to the mark, as NO TEACHER is better than a BAD TEACHER.

WE MUST change this thinking of tom foolery into a serious investment in training teachers in the numerous teacher training colleges that are understaffed without sufficiently good teacher trainers to train the all important teachers. This is where the money must first be spent.

Go to any newly opened Mahindodaya and see for yourself how many working machines there are, how many qualified teachers are assigned to the unit, and how many students obtain the necessary technical skills therefrom, and grade it between 1 and 10 with 10 being excellent. You will find the level hovering at around 3 or 4 as an average.

IN SHORT That is money misspent! With more into the pockets of the people getting the building contracts and contracts to supply overpriced equipment for them.

So the BUZZ word is GOOD TEACHERS PLEASE FIRST, it wont win you votes but it will be patriotic to do so.         

The Mahindodaya Technology Laboratories – another farcical veneer to fool the masses! and gas the students!

If you live in Sri Lanka you won’t fail to notice the number of new buildings that are being constructed at many schools, as close to the road as possible and often completely at ODDS with the architectural conformity of the school. It is the same design and color used at every school and I will attempt to add a photo of it if I can find one on the net to include in this blog.

I have already blogged on this before, but felt it needed another entry because of a new perspective that my tailor gave to me yesterday. 

The tailor shop is bang next door to the Panagoda Army Camp, and he was listening to Bana on the radio when I walked in.  In addition to tailoring a new pair of black trousers, and white shirt, I also asked him to darn a well worn (20yr+) shirt that is a pattern that I particularly like and is now not available anywhere!  

He appears to be a pious Buddhist with simple tastes and a very unruffled and calm personality. So when I was talking with him about education and the pathetic state of it in Sri Lanka today, he came out with the fact (completely unsolicited) that these Labs are constructed as near as possible to the main roads, so that people can see when they are being driven in a bus, and he noted one instance where a whole embankment was cut in order to construct this in front of the school, when the school had so much property in the back where this could be constructed, taking into account a well balanced quiet location with trees and shade. He was was also concerned that the embankment thus cut into could collapse in heavy rain damaging the building and/or injuring the students. 

He further pointed out the fact that, being so close to the main road, the noise of the traffic and the pollution from fumes would be disturbing, and a health hazard   to the students trying to study in them[u1] . He said obviously that they have been put there for show, to give a veneer to the unthinking public that this Govt. is doing something for the schools! This comment coming from a man, who I would consider the present Government’s poster boys of average pious citizens of Sri Lanka, is telling, as he has really thought how ridiculous it is.

Therefore using the word Mahindodaya will come to haunt the Mahinda Rajapakse legacy after his demise, as it will be known as Mahinda’s Gas Chambers where innocent children were killed, when they had NO option but to breathe poisonous fumes emitted by the belching buses of the state institutions which he has not regulated, along with other state vehicles which don’t even appear to be regulated.