Saturday, July 19, 2014


Hamas dominate Gaza. They hold power and openly operate out of the goodwill of the local people there. The Israelis have their spy network which is now so sophisticated they have live feed of ALL of Gaza where they wish to monitor in real time. They can hear and see everything in the area.

They have been looking for every opportunity to go in and take the positions they believe are a threat, OUT. So the killing of the Jewish kids and the resulting backlash provided the perfect opportunity for them to launch their surgical strikes killing 250 innocents thus far and more to come this week with the ground ops.

Hamas are willing on more killings in Gaza so they get more sympathy from the world. What is their end game? Are they making a calculated guess that one day the deaths become so gruesome, that even the US will have to lift its veto?

If that is NOT the end game they are so foolish willing to sacrifice countless lives, for a game they are NOT making any headway in deterring Israeli resolve to destroy Hamas at every instance. The Hamas rockets, and drones and ALL other armour are NO match for the Israeli defense system the DOME defense~

How much is the world going to report and become disgusted, but just look on at their self-destructive actions, as the Hamas want to show that they can fire rockets! Come on it is like the Indian firing arrows at the enemy armed with a different generation of both defense and attack weaponry, the sophistication of which even the Hamas commanders, relatively amateur compared to the Israeli professionals don’t realize they are up against.

The Palestinians will not fight Hamas as they are emotionally embroiled in the carnage with NO hope for a better future, even if there is peace, as they are hereded into a rotten piece of land that no one else wants! Israel MUST realize this is the state of play until they are able to destroy all humanity in that strip.

The tunnels the latest attempt by the Hamas to make a dent is just a waste of space as even the Egyptians will not permit weapons to come Gaza from Sinai, so why are they pursing a self-destructive path? Then only world sympathy to feed on! Is that going to dent the Israeli resolve for the status quo? Not a chance. 


Anonymous said...

no it is not Hamas, just ordinary palestinians who oppose the very existence of the zionist state, now and forever and will oppose it till there aer NO Palestinians left to oppose

Anonymous said...

Where is the world's condemnation of the Israeli aggression?

Come on the killing of kids in the West Bank and a few rockets more like arrows fired indiscriminately to Israel DOES NOT require merciless ground air and sea attak on defenceless civilians.

Remember Nandikanal don't we where a few coward LTTE hid behind a human shield and the SL forces blasted one and all until they surrendered!

It is time SL condemns the Israeli aggresion lest they seem to condone it as that is what they would do!

Anonymous said...

the 100 to one ratio of Palestinian dead to Israeli dead is reminiscent of the 100 to 1 ratio of Tamil civilian and LTTE to SLA deaths in the last week of the war in May 2009

Anonymous said...

The Holocaust has begun and this time the Zionists are the killers!

There is NO justification for this kind of overwhemling use of force to crack what is essentially a NUT! or a few nuts

Anonymous said...

in civilized international warfare, the rule of proportionality is the norm which is meeting force with a proportional amount of resistance. leave it to the jews to disregard the rules and do anything to favor themselves!! "the amazing race" !!