Monday, July 28, 2014

Reading these blogs over the years shames me! Its all about the wholesale destruction of Sri Lanka BY Sri Lankans for petty personal agendas

The Politicians have basically fooled this Country over 66 plus years of rule by our own kind! It is we who have allowed this wholesale victimization of the Citizen. So where MUST we start.

For starters DO NOT INVITE ANY POLITICIAN TO ANY EVENT. IF THERE ARE ANY POLITICIANS LEAVE! Only then will they at least attempt to gain the people’s trust.

I cannot think of another country that should be first world that does this. So for us to be first world in an instant, shunt our politicians to their desks to do work, not attend and be permitted to spout lies at functions.

Citizens, we marvel at meeting the President when he choppers in to open a culvert, but do you realize that just the fuel cost of his daily jaunts for these openings cold build at least 10 culverts a day! That simply is the sense of proportion we have lost. We are really impressed by the folly not by the honest desire to see a better future for our children. Are we so uneducated as to allow us to be misled so badly?

To think we take seriously a thug in robes that demands that the Pope apologize for what the Portuguese did 500 years ago, when we must ask all politicians to apologize for what they have done in the past 66 years which has been much worse.  

We should perhaps blame many in robes including the Satakayas for what they have done to Buddhism, where their examples of living have turned thousands from following the faith, and be drawn to other faiths due to bad examples of the practice of faith.

My very simple proposal above in not inviting the politicians and clergy to any events, will send a message to both factions, that they first need to put their own houses in order, before coming to pontificate over the people they rule and hold to ransom. It is time those who have ruined this country are able to accept blame and change their ways, rather than be allowed to further fool the nation by giving goodies bought with our money, after siphoning off some for themselves first and buying our votes, only to repeat this nonsense ad nauseam.



Anonymous said...

nice post. one of your better ideas in a long time.

politicians often have little or no value to add to events, except they are invited to show how important the event is to the masses and to garner media attention.

if the president graces the event, it must be of utmost important, and if a lower tier politician graces the event, the event must be as important as that politician is in the government. If the opposition attends as a chief guest, this event must be rebellious! If the government and opposition grace the event, it must be of true national import. This is the mentality of the people.

the media coverage and whispers in Colombo sitting rooms that are generated when government visitors grace events is also motivation for inviting them in some instances. who can out-do who?

""oh, you had Milinda Moragoda attend your son's baptism, did you? Last week G.L. Pieris attended my son's graduation. Oh, really, how special your son must be. That is how I felt when His Excellency the President served as chief guest at my daughter's wedding!"

and so it goes@@

it's an open question whether common sense will ever prevail over a sense of personal aggrandizement in sri lanka

Jack Point said...

A good suggestion.

Apart from anything else by the time the politician and his security/entourage come and take up the parking space and/or cause a nuisance to other by wnating to search people we will be a lot better off if they did not turn up.

Jack Point said...

We also need an indepedent public administration, to minimise the negative impact of politicians.

See my suggestions here: