Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The tragedy of a false veneer in Education – leave it to the Educators


In a whole series of blog entries over the years, I have blogged on the desperate need for a few simple steps to improve the product that is manufactured from the Free Education system.

Put simply the Free Education system does not develop a child to his or her potential, and increasingly parents who are able to, try their utmost to send their kids to a private establishment, both at the secondary level and at tertiary level with the belief that at least there will be some relief to meet their future aspirations.

This latter group, generally those competent in English garner the best jobs available, and also are the most attractive to permanent migration to Countries as they are usually the skilled that skilled people importing Countries such as Australia, NZ, USA and Canada want.

The products of the Free Education system are therefore left to fend for themselves, polluting the Govt. service with incompetence, as they have received political appointments that further erode the quality of the public service.

No amount of gas chamber Mahindodayas is going to solve the problem as stated in my previous blog entry. It is not the Construction for all to see, misplaced for mind manipulation and self-glorification, but what you cannot see, namely the effort of GOOD teachers which will transform all our kids into stars and not sycophants!  We currently generate sycophants that cannot see, hear nor talk sense due to their limited capabilities as products of this education system.

The need of the hour is to divert the funds available, and trust me there are billions in the kitty, NOT TO pad the sycophants each time they defend their master, but instead to training the best Teachers in the world. We have good teachers from Sri Lanka teaching all over the world, because they are good, not because of going behind a politico for appointments.

When I see Mahinda Rajapakse give teaching appointments to Graduates who cannot teach, it just makes me throw up knowing the damage they WILL DO to the students. The UK has already begun a process of firing teachers if they don’t rise up to the mark, as NO TEACHER is better than a BAD TEACHER.

WE MUST change this thinking of tom foolery into a serious investment in training teachers in the numerous teacher training colleges that are understaffed without sufficiently good teacher trainers to train the all important teachers. This is where the money must first be spent.

Go to any newly opened Mahindodaya and see for yourself how many working machines there are, how many qualified teachers are assigned to the unit, and how many students obtain the necessary technical skills therefrom, and grade it between 1 and 10 with 10 being excellent. You will find the level hovering at around 3 or 4 as an average.

IN SHORT That is money misspent! With more into the pockets of the people getting the building contracts and contracts to supply overpriced equipment for them.

So the BUZZ word is GOOD TEACHERS PLEASE FIRST, it wont win you votes but it will be patriotic to do so.         

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Anonymous said...

speaking of sri lankan construction profiteering, there is a 5 star branded hotel being built in the south by a man made rich by skimming millions from the construction work of the Mahaweli public works under gamini dissanayaka (UNP), with his approval and consent, who now has supposedly obtained loan funding for his own local hotel company from the United States Government and is implementing the construction of the hotel project using his own construction company. If he makes money on the hotel or not, he'll have skimmed millions from the U.S. Government loan, and the taxpayers of the United States will have made him millions!! huge conflict of interest overlooked by american bureaucrats unaware of the wiles of our people.