Thursday, July 10, 2014

The story is the same: It is all about mind games to transfer guilt from self

The scandalous episodes of pedophiliac sex abuse in high society Britain and the allegations of HR violations against a few in Sri Lankan high society today, have both lead to insinuations of collective guilt of nations.

In reality the guilty are an exclusive small group of privileged people in both instances, but the respective countries have been branded with this guilt especially amongst those who look in from outside both those shores.

I am sure that those who live within the shores know better, but it is hard to be able to present a clear picture of the guilty because the guilty themselves go to extremes to blame it on society as a whole, and not on the fallibility of the perpetrators of the crimes. In both instances, the guilty disown their guilt.

The link is to a journalistic masterpiece by Simon Jenkins of the Guardian, I wish we had similar perceptive opinion writers in Sri Lanka! It explains further what I am trying to say, as it wraps the allegations in knots to protect the guilty, who I believe are people in a position of power and influence able to do so, and therefore the nation is tainted by this scandal which will take many decades to erase from people’s collective consciences.      

In a similar vein Sri Lankans will have to live with this allegation of racism for decades, when only a few in a moment of triumphalism and omnipotence made decisions that continue to haunt us today, and have subjected, more like tortured our society to extricate themselves from their guilt.

This behavior on two different topics show the extent of domination of our lives by a few who attempt to hide behind this collective guilt, to appear clean. As Simon Jenkins said, we just need to name and shame the guilty, and at a stroke we will be free of the shackles of imprisonment that continue to destroy our sense of peace and prosperity.

It is time to round up the dogs and show them who is the master! We the people must exercise our rights over those who have fooled us with games and duplicitous behavior for so long, leading us down the garden path. We must just cage them.      

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Anonymous said...

An extremely perceptive observation of the mind games of people in power over those they rule.

It will take a future generation to really understand what happened here in SL, when history is written.

Too bad the level of decipher-ability of Sri Lankans in 2014 is zero.