Sunday, July 20, 2014

Israel! What if it was called Palestine instead?

I have embarked on a series of blog entries that are provocative in order to obtain some clarity both for myself and the readers in how we could see a way out of the mess, as the crisis has been a festering sore for as long as anyone can remember.

The reason I have also introduced some thoughts, is to see how we can learn from the Israeli experience in solving our own ethnic woes, so that we can have a lasting resolution, where all the Sri Lankans can live in harmony, proud of our heritage!

The answers to both the Sri Lanka and Israeli issue both seem to be the same. Taking Israel to start with, it seems that they mischievously and the world foolishly have blamed the crisis on Palestinians and their individual warring factions as being the problem, that they are unable to find commonality and settlement of their grievances.

Actually it is Israel’s problem all along. They call the shots, make all the running and blame the Palestinians for it. Therefore the solution lies completely with Israel, and the Palestinians do not even need to be consulted, it is that simple. The question is whether they will do it!  

Why can’t Israel declare that whole area as one Country inhabited by all who currently live in this greater Palestine and call it Palestine as it was always called as a region? Like the integration of the two Germanys’ people of two different levels of income managed it, albeit they were one race and religion was not an issue. Taking a cue from the 2 million Christian and Muslim Arabs who live in Israel now, it is a matter of integrating another 8 million people! The Lebanese refugee camps will disappear too!  A multiethnic democracy is the answer, where an example will be shown how moderate Islam is practiced, and then all Islam fundamentalism will also disappear from the world as their whole basis for being falls apart.

Why not? Zionism! That concept is outdated and only if Israel can change out of that will it happen. 

In Sri Lanka the why not is Sinhala Buddhism, which has NO place in 2014 world either, but it is that concept that is preventing Sri Lanka from achieving a true and lasting peace, and instead has created a monster that threatens the very existence, stability and longevity of our state. 

It is time to buck the Nationalism based on me and my race, and bring back the US and WE are the world concepts back into this Country where 15% of citizens live and work overseas, immersed in a culture different to ours, and bankrolls our very existence. 


Anonymous said...

All that is needed is an out of the box solution! and as long as there are no winners then it could take off.

We have tried everything else except to prove to Jews that Zionism is nowhere in their scriptures that is irrifutable to their beliefs.

Anonymous said...

israel is the jewish state. until that identity changes, there's no solution in sight.

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