Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time to get used to the name Nisha Desai Biswal – US Assistant Secretary for South and Central Affairs.

She succeeds Robert O Blake who was previously in that position, and earlier was also the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka. Blake has just been appointed as the US Ambassador to Indonesia.

The Wikipedia notes that she is a Hindu, and of second generation Indian origin. No doubt within a few months she will be in Sri Lanka to meet with Govt. officials, and prior to the UNHRC meetings in Geneva in March 2014, will no doubt be pressuring the SL Govt. to show progress in the promises made at finding solutions as noted in the SL Govt.  appointed LLRC commission.

Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks on her appointment along with Nisha’s acceptance is also worthy of a read.

Prior to taking up the appointment she was at US Aid as Assistant Administrator for Asia, which probably oversees the disbursement of US Aid funds in Asia and monitors progress and evaluates effectiveness.

I am sure it will be fun for out Govt. to work with a clearly Indian looking American as opposed to the White American they pay deference to in front of and then backstab behind.

With Samantha Power in the UN and she in the South Asia desk, the women power takes over. I wonder if she will send Atul Keshap another Inidan American who she has appointed as her deputy for the work in our region.

Too bad, Atul also speaks conversational Hindi and not Sinhala! Anyway we in Sri Lanka are in for more of the same pressure this time from a team of Indian Americans much to the Chagrin of the SL Govt.

These two will work with the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Ms Michelle Sison to transmit the US concerns with regards to its expectations within SL. I know we don’t like the Americans to dictate to us, but then again hey, Ghotabaya Rajapakse has taken the oath of allegiance to the US Constitution as an American citizen and he very much dictates to us, so what is the difference?     


Anonymous said...

that political appointee indian american and her deputy are going to get schooled in political maneuvering by our experienced operators. it will be a sight to behold for those that understand what is going on

Unknown said...

Ranjit, as a British and US citizen you have all the right stuff to go for the 'Boss' Job ! So go for it !!! this would bring a new era to the meaning of foreign relations

Anonymous said...

She has already started to caution in SL. Quick start, they don't mess around, and all that will happen is the pols will be directing their anger by making big noises for the local gallery in Sri Lanka, which will further alienate the US officials and make them firmer in their resolve to teach the bums a few home truths!

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