Sunday, November 10, 2013

I just find it hard to believe that 35Km of Principle Roads of Colombo will be closed for 1 hr 15 mins at mid day tomorrow, to facilitate a VIP convoy. Are they bonkers?

An announcement was made at 8pm on Sunday that a length of road including the expressway will be closed from 12.45 pm to 2pm tomorrow. What is all this about?
We were told that at most a 20min delay would occur, but with the closure of the Kelani Bridge both ways it is going to cause a traffic snarl, which is going to affect all traffic for the rest of the day! These traffic police appear to have just been born, if they are unable to facilitate a VIP getting into Colombo within half hour! Mr Traffic Boss, this will only delay him 10mins so please do what you do when the President is on the prowl, and as you have enough experience in that, just act accordingly using similar procedures. You cannot go wrong.

The CHOGM is a tin pot event not worthy of the closures you envisage. I would dearly like to know the VIP as he would demand that NO roads be closed if he knew, unless of course he is like one our insensitive zombies. In fact I can fire an email to his security to that fact and you can get a reply before he lands.

No doubt you intelligent selves will decide after the commotion you have just planned for tomorrow, that your lives will be in danger if you decide to extend it any more, as all the traffic in Colombo will just come to a standstill and you will not be able to move any vehicle to facilitate any VIP, and so I would desist from closing the road, and immediately rescind your earlier mindless suggestion.

If you wanted to Close Colombo for a week then you should have done it, without pretending people can go to work under these conditions. You have packed of the University kids, you have closed 35 Schools just to house some security personnel, and now you are inconveniencing the remainder of the people.

I would not be surprised if some bright spark began a Facebook campaign to fight for our rights over stupid law enforcement officers issuing insane edicts.

Before you think any further I would ask you to rescind the order out of common sense and we the public of Sri Lanka will appreciate that you have been able to see sense before you embark on the most nonsensical action of your long and illustrious or bungling career. You are a servant of the people entrusted with their care, not for you to make the rules as you go along in your mistaken belief that you will get some vicarious pleasure from your action.         

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Anonymous said...

stick to the issues that are important to the masses lest you will be viewed as a boy that cries wolf. this is a non-issue