Thursday, November 14, 2013

Come on you brain dead Security Forces of Sri Lanka. Why sound loud sirens in your escort cars when the road is closed anyway? The VIP is pissed off!

A convoy of CHOGM vehicles just passed me by, with loud, incredibly, illegally loud high decibel sirens, not one, but 4. The roads are also closed all the way from the airport to their hotels in the Galle Face area.

If I was travelling in this convoy, having to listen to these sirens from the Airport to the Hotel, I would have got a splitting headache by the time I reached my hotel, and I will mention this to my Grand Children till the day I die, as my first experience of an Island called Sri Lanka. I could not care a toss about Human Rights allegations after this introduction to the Country.

As I write this I just got a SMS saying Prince Charles just landed. It is his 65th Birthday, and the poor chap will certainly have a hissy fit about the noise, and will remember it for the rest of his life too!! 

I hope for his sake and the people in his security detail they turn off any sirens and let him sail into Tintagel effortlessly in whatever limousine, provided for him. I was told he is bringing his own vehicle from the UK, that would be interesting if true to know why and all that.

The next point I wanted to make is that the roads have been removed of vehicles and people have been asked to turn their backs to the road, and face the wall if they happen to be walking. So they would get the hell out of the road.

What does that give the visitor to Sri Lanka as a first impression? Remember first impressions of a country stay with the person for life, and it is important and our duty to give our visitors the BEST first impression of our Country that we can!

I would then say, wide roads, no people, full of police and security vehicles where ever you turn, in short a ‘police state’!  Is this what we want them to know. I cannot comprehend the stupidity of the people tasked with handling the arrangements, of transporting our guests. In short we should NOT have closed any road. The roads anyway are not clogged as most people have skipped town, schools have been closed, universities too, and in short Colombo is pretty devoid of vehicles and people who just don’t want to burn fuel on a hot afternoon, waiting for the VIPs to pass!!! Let’s make some sense here chaps!    


sbarrkum said...

Ever been to Manhattan when the UN is in session.
Unless you are a troglodyte like me and travel by subway, its pretty much gridlock for two weeks.
And this for an Institution the UN for which most American view with disdain.

sbarrkum said...

Reminds me of school Prize givings.
If one is winning Prizes its a cool function, also photo ops that will kept for many years in the future.

For none prize winners its a chore if possible to be avoided, but dare not as attendance is kept.

Anonymous said...

More on the people unfriendly CHOGM 2013!!! What a shame?