Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mauritius is also boycotting CHOGM due to HR allegations!

It is simply incredible that little Mauritius that will host CHOGM 2015 is boycotting Sri Lanka’s CHOGM 2013 on account of HR abuse allegations see link :

For a country that can look at how SL hosts this year, as it is the next venue to do so means that it has principles that preclude them from attending. It must be a blow to Sri Lanka’s credibility. If our leaders just pass that as another Tamil Diaspora action as Ethnic Tamils form 10% of Mauritians is a huge black mark on Sri Lanka even though it is a small Country and is prepared to make a stand like this!!

I am simply concerned that these last minute statements are sure to result in a CHOGM with the lowest number of HOGs (Heads of Government ) of any previously held CHOGM as a proportion of the numbers of Commonwealth Countries at the time.

With Obhrai the Canadian Representative already travelling in Jaffna and making very politically unfavorable comments from there after meeting TNA leaders is itself a very bad precedent no matter what spin the MR government wished to make on this.

How much more of this can we take even before the opening ceremony. Our President surely will have to put a brave face on the whole proceedings when the turnout is just so lackluster, and comparisons will be made in the future of the vast expense disproportionate to the turnout.

We in Sri Lanka are proud to be able to host international delegations, and due to the fault of our Government when people pass us by, it hurts our feelings, and when we see no one in Sri Lanka fighting for justice and trying to make the Government see sense in their cockeyed eyes as they cant see the wood from the trees hurts our pride.

Let’s hope we can salvage something from it, and make a PR success of it, with something for the media to praise us rather than bash us with, as the only way to salvage a little of our pride. The irony is that the Govt. behaves as if nothing bothers them and pooh poohs any suggestion of a failure by making ridiculous statements about its success in advance. Its not too late for mea- culpas! 


Anonymous said...

10% is a significant minority - significant enough to get the Canadian and Indian heads of government to avoid CHOGM also.

your international readership would be interested on how the diaspora lobby is affecting local sentiment towards the minority Tamils. it is assumed that the boycotting of foreign leaders due to diaspora pressure increases resentment towards the diaspora and by association towards the Tamils in general. is this the case?

Anonymous said...

The continuing adverse coverage in the International Press contributing to last minute cancellations of Heads of Government, sending a second string instead.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for Rajapakse, he really dug his own grave and now will just have to lie in it. No need to push him there.

Less than 20 Heads of Government are coming/have come!

It is all to do with the lack of courtesy in the invitations. Just robotic, no shmoozing with the leaders like he did when he wanted the votes at the UNHRC!

In international diplomacy this man is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

20 heads of state in sri lanka at the same time, and 20 or so not going, is a resounding victory for the president.

he attracted 20 leaders, and if you add their GDP's and populations, it is very significant visavis SL.

the 20 that didn't come can prove that there is an international conspiracy against SL and help the pres to bolster his support.

the president gets his cake and eats it too. well done!

Anonymous said...

BBC report on 14th November 2013. It can get no worse can it?

What a sad state of affairs, for a beleaguered President finally facing his comeuppance and he probably does not even realize it! That is how thick he is.

Anonymous said...

It just keeps coming in with no end in sight!

Anonymous said...

please lay out the scenario how this foreign media hammering influences the local electorate to vote out the president's coalition. i just don't see it happening. ultimately the fate of the president's coalition lies in the hands of the lankan people, and that will be determined by economic issues with a background of security issues. the economic future seems bright for at least a generation. only when the economic growth halts or the economic disparity between the 1% and the rest becomes obvious will there be a change. security is necessary for economic growth and if the president continues to show the population that he is keeping them secure, despite foreign attempts to destabilize the country once again, he is doing well in the eyes of the local populace. the president knows what he's doing.

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ny times editorial

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