Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sri Lanka still takes their orders from the US – whatever you think!

I have been pleading for SL to invest in necessary projects for a long time, that will have a high internal rate of return an have an immediate benefit to the economy. One only need read my blog over the past years to verify that fact. So it is in that vein that I wrote a blog entry last month on Oct 18th, see link:  

Why is it so difficult for a Govt. to spend where it is needed and not spend where it isn’t? Simple, when this country is run by traitors who are only concerned about their personal as opposed to their country’s interest.

We waste so much on CHOGM, does it occur to anyone that the cost of CHOGM could be paid for in two months if we were able to negotiate crude oil supplies from overseas. In the attached link of an article today, the President was reminded by the US Ambassador, yes the President says “yes maam sorry maam anything you say maam!”  to her without as much as a boo to her, but for the gallery makes out that he is NOT beholden to the US for anything.

If the Sri Lanka leaders had one ounce of sense, they could easily have negotiated a deal whereby we were permitted to import Iranian light sweet crude that is needed for our only refinery to run at capacity. It is easy to make the case that it is essential for the country, and we could even promise to look into US companies for a future refinery, all for good measure!    

We can save US$25M a month (in foreign exchange and cost) if we were able to import the crude necessary to run Sapugaskanda Oil refinery instead of leaving it empty with having to pay the workers and also import ALL our country’s oil in refined format! So in 2 months the whole cost of CHOGM, except for permanent projects that are not only for CHOGM, but for the overall benefit of Colombo, could be paid for!

Why does no one wish to consider it? Simply because the Govt. is NOT about saving money for Sri Lanka. I am sure the commissions and backhanders from the tenders to import refined petroleum from Singapore is more lucrative to the shameless politicians and bureaucrats than a contract to import Crude which is generally at known and internationally agreed rates. In either event the sanctions busting allegations are evident, and that is why I would seek concessions on a Govt to Govt level, to permit us this relatively small quantity in absolute terms, from Iran. Especially as the US is now in direct negotiations with Iran to iron out their differences, they will be more amenable trust me.  

Lets grow up not waste our time bashing Uncle Sam, a much bigger export market for our manufactured products than China that does not about to a hill of beans, and instead make their relationship work for us.     


Anonymous said...

This is an eternal problem for so-called developing countries. We superficially blame Uncle Sam and the clan for everything. For example Wimal W gets hundreds of thousands of votes for doing so. People like them. People like it. It is democracy. These stinky politicians do not think about the country, because there is no need to do so. There is no pressure to do so. There is no punishments (in terms of votes) for doing so. Then why should they act otherwise? We shouldn’t expect, one to act entirely on patriotism.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Sajith Premadasa has taken all your points and made a political statement.


It is time you took up that mantle from that failed politician whose best days are now behind him.

You have the brains, education and breeding as well as experience at the whole spectrum of real Sri Lankan life none of which he has!

So grab it and take off