Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mr James Packer it is nothing personal – Just those in high office misled you!

As a businessman, Mr Packer, I admire you, and your overall business plan to increase shareholder value to your stakeholders. That is your job, and I am sure you do it well. That is a hallmark of someone who has a vision and a clear means to achieve this mission. I wish you success in your ventures.

It is with this intention, that I am sure you were lured into Sri Lanka, by parties who believed they would be able to use you to enhance their wealth, not for any love of you, as you surely know. That is why you clearly said and in the Crown advertising you point out further, that all investments are contingent upon receiving Govt. approval before you risk a penny of your money.

I am sure you will sign watertight agreements with the SL authorities to ensure that if broken by Sri Lanka, you will have recourse to international tribunals to seek redress and fair compensation, as SL laws will NOT help you.

Unlike the business climate in most countries, Sri Lanka does not offer a true level of security from Risk at the political level, due to the schizophrenic nature of those who govern us, and the ease with which Laws are manufactured and broken to suit personal needs, gratification and greed.

With a smoke and mirrors Government that does not stick to any sense of justice, it is better for you to seek investment opportunities elsewhere. After all it is clear to you that currently all Casinos operate illegally, and therefore the license that has been promised to you by Ravi Wijeratne by transferring that from his existing Casino is also illegal. As you no doubt wish to operate under the law, and the challenge to the Inspector General of Police for your arrest yesterday, will no doubt mean that the environment is too unstable for you to operate in.

We are aware that you are addressing the Commonwealth Business Forum this week, and it would be better for you to concentrate on creating a good business climate for you to operate, to attract new investments, rather than the investment in Sri Lanka that you envisage.

It is right that you insist that the Law be changed to permit new laws to give you a legitimate license in this venture, which I am sure you would be prepared to pay a US$1B premium for exclusivity. If you then work within the law, your risk is that this Govt. will stand by their word and you be the judge. 


Anonymous said...

I sure wont want a criminal charge laid against me from a banana republic!


Anonymous said...

james packer is as respectable as a politician that is a murderer and drug dealer, if such a person exists

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon do you mean all politicians or just some in Sri Lanka who are engaged in most crimes that occur here!

Anonymous said...

how long do you estimate until james is sent packing?