Friday, November 8, 2013

BBC News Night report of 7th Nov on Youtube – narrated by Frances Harrison

I am trying to find out why the BBC on the eve of  CHOGM wishes to bring out this report, except for the reason that Frances Harrison, having some ulterior motive of trying to market her book called “Still counting the dead” that she published earlier this year.

I lived in the UK for 18 years, where I went to School, University and worked for many years in London, and who has let his residency there lapse as I had no interest in living there despite having in lived in extremely salubrious accommodation in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, on Addison Road, and having voted in the UK since 1974! It was a good life, but not fulfilling! After all lets face it I cannot help the British from their own foolishness, but I can do a little bit to save Sri Lanka from its, even though it is purely altruistic, with no personal material benefit for me.

The 9 minute segment at a late night news program of BBC TV that has a fairly substantial audience amongst intelligentsia, was obviously aimed at resurrecting the Tamil wars that concluded in 2009, but which the segment implied that torture continues to this day with sound bites from allegedly tortured victims as late as this year! Of course they showed irrelevant film clips of naked female bodies of allegedly tortured Tamil tigers, that were pre 2009 for good measure, and not relevant to the current report, but which would induce outrage amongst the viewer, unless the viewer was sufficiently discerning to know the angle of the reporting and reporters need for some publicity. It really was devoid of a connection to the new allegations of torture which are suspect.

I would direct the reader to a blog entry I posted a few days ago, that also touched on torture by the state that was begun by the British and continues to this day, so one has to have a perspective on those suffering torture, and being unable to claim asylum in the UK to be seen to be fair and unbiased.

What is the point of all this? I am one of the most vocal critics of the Sri Lankan Govt. and want justice where it has been denied. I too am a victim of injustice of the SL Govt. with no hope of getting justice, still suffering with actual pain from the accident caused by the negligence of Security Forces still drunk with their self importance of breaking all road rules, knowing they will not be responsible or prosecuted the individual or the Govt. collectively.

IN fact I fight inside Sri Lanka risking my life here in speaking my mind as I am also a fighter for justice and the rule of law, but from inside, and easy to find! ALL those who were in the TV segment are safely ensconced in the UK having received their asylum on the strength of their allegations, corroborated after the fact by British medical practitioners. I have a serious problem with the UK authorities being prejudiced, as the anti establishment is all from Tamil émigrés and they don’t care a toss about the Sinhala émigrés who have a similar story because they don’t get asylum or are not news fed by Diaspora!!!!

The evidence of the extent of torture is suspect, and directing it at Tamil people, and women, is evidence of perpetuating racial animosity, especially amongst impressionable Tamil youth in the UK who have NEVER set foot in Sri Lanka, and HAVE NO idea, that there are more TAMIL people living amongst the Sinhala community in Sri Lanka, than in so called Tamil homeland areas! And further, that the quality and standard of living broadly exceeds that of the Sinhala people. This insensitivity by the BBC is an incubator for terrorism in Sri Lanka by proxy, as these youth will fund violence in Sri Lanka that WILL affect both Sinhala and Tamil alike, and the country as a WHOLE. (all people)

When the other side of the story is sought from the SL High Commission, it is the Govt. point of view which has always been unequivocally stated. Namely as one of being the only Country, that saved over 350.000 people from death in a mass evacuation, and rehabilitated them and released them, the largest such evacuation in modern history, despite the fact that we know thousands were killed in the last stages as collateral damage. They were purposely kept prisoner by the LTTE who were in their midst, and it was the LTTE who could have saved them by releasing them, and not the SL fire power that was controlled.

This is a very important point in the War that the BBC has hitherto failed to amplify, as being the truth. Why? due to inherent bias within the BBC, who  should be a little more balanced in their reporting. In the FOG of war, after 30 years of terror, it is quite possible that surrendering LTTE higher ups were killed never to be a standard for future uprisings, and the war crimes on that must be fair with evidence suitable for the ICC, and equal to all countries engaged in fighting terrorism.   

In summary, the BBC action, prolongs a dead conflict, and prevents a live conflict of abuse, lack of the rule of law, or governance that perpetuates this dictatorship, as ALL the BBC allegations give fodder for this Govt. to win elections using the race card!  And perpetuate our suffering, as WE WISH THAT all Sri Lankans, not just the ‘Tamil Cause’ that the BBC espouses, can live in peace and security. Until the BBC realizes that they are part of the problem and NOT the solution, we have a problem in Sri Lanka.    

Is it an attempt at  Colonial Control in the classic DIVIDE AND RULE concept that the BBC wishes to perpetuate in this type of reporting? Frances, though you may not be conscious of it, it is the subconscious that is controlling your automatic sympathy for minorities that arouse such feelings, but is really not about the minorities at all, and only that of how to subjugate others by a false sense of values.           

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you regarding the over the top reporting of Harrison. She has an agenda that is fuelled by the Tamil diaspora that does not reflect the reality of life in Sri Lanka. no doubt about that and you have explained some reasons for that in your post.

one bit of interesting evidence that could support Harrison's arguments has to do with a recent development in the United NATIONAL Party. the UNP just formed a leadership council to direct the so-called national party, which is supposed to stand for all sri lankans without regard for ethnicity, gender, religion, geographic location, etc., but when you look at the new leadership council, there are NO Tamils, women, Muslims, or Christians?, and the members are all from areas in the southwest of the country. Does this group really represent a NATIONAL leadership council? How politically brain-dead are those in the opposition ranks?????? if you want to have a truly national party, you need to incorporate the viewpoints of all groups in the island. if you want a colombo boys club, just say so also.