Sunday, November 17, 2013

Channel 4 and the distortion of truth in Sri Lanka

I think it is time for intelligent Sri Lankans to step back and try and balance rhetoric with reality, however hard it maybe for one in Sri Lanka to do so, due to direct and indirect pressure to conform at the expense of being dubbed with Sri Lanka’s most used misnomer, namely traitor. I know who I am what I have sacrificed, and the price I have paid, so I have nothing to fear.

The poisoned chalice has finally been drunk from and who has done so? I am afraid it is President Mahinda Rajapakse, who has attempted, and failed (except in Sri Lanka) to persuade that he is without blood on his hands, not the country’s! the who cares attitude will not hold water much further.

In my opinion the Commonwealth has been forever tainted with irrelevance after this particular CHOGM and only posterity will prove my claim to be true. Just as my current stance I am taking in this post. My previous posts hoped for a different outcome, but the Govt. arrogance and pig headedness prevented that.

I was hoping to be proud of our Country hosting CHOGM, but I believe this Government let the Country down so badly as it will forever be remembered as a HR violators CHOGM and NONE of the important declarations of CHOGM were part of the public debate or discussion overshadowed by the HR allegations. Even the public forum in Hikkaduwa was hijacked by the Govt.

The Govt. so good in the art of PR and spin for local media, in Sri Lanka, failed miserably at that as regards foreign Media, and just have now become a laughing stock amongst them. Though the SL High Commissioner in the UK did his job well to defend this Govt. the SL belief that he won the debate with the CNN newscaster is further from the truth, as the excuses were more facetious than real and in such a situation does not warrant further questioning as the answers are apparent. An independent observer will vouch for that.

If I am to be specific on one point, when asked why protestors stopped the train that Channel 4 journalists were travelling in, saying people were exercising their freedom to protest could not be further from the truth as they were organized and paid for by a local politician to the bidding of his masters, as is the way things are run in Sri Lanka today. It sure made a mockery of his statement in a country where we know ALL demonstrations were banned during CHOGM, except if they were pro Government or in Jaffna!!

Those imbecilic Sri Lankans, who thought he was great, are those who are just intimidated by foreigners and not those who are able to stand up to them. In fact a whole program on Rupavahini was devoted to this effort by Dr Chris Nonis at winning the argument with the CNN correspondent. Only Sri Lankans will think he won the argument, no other independent analyst will do so, pointing to the completely brainwashed minds of our people. He just stonewalled!

I just cannot understand why we cannot call a spade a spade and instead call it a shovel! Are Sri Lankans so stupid?  Can’t we isolate Diaspora agendas from independent reporting? Why does everything anti Govt. from the West have to be from a “small Minority in the Diaspora”? We must sift fact from fiction.   

My opinion has always been that a few small allegations against Govt. individuals have been broadened into ones against the Country, and as the State is a signatory to HR conventions they must abide by them, when the LTTE a terrorist organization of murderers of their own people as well as their enemies are not bound by any, as whatever they do is illegal.

Due to our reluctance to accept that principle, the Country has suffered endless international pressure that will continue, and has affected the Country economically, but electorally has helped the Govt. in its campaign to blame everyone who opposes them as LTTE apologists. Time will prove me right.

It is clearly apparent to all foreign states, but not to SL, that SL is trying to mix two different issues to purposely cloud the focus. I am a proud Sri Lankan and do not want two or three people who do not have the guts to admit the truth, to put the whole country in the spotlight, and to ruin the whole CHOGM. It was NOT Cameron with his personal agenda that ruined it, it was our President with his arrogance, and lack of diplomacy, as he continues to run international conferences like he is appealing to the Gallery in Sri Lanka. I am sorry if locals don’t agree, but one day they will, when reason replaces blind faith. 


Anonymous said...

the brits shouldn't throw stones from a glass house. they've got so much blood on their hands the oceans could run red for years. hypocrite old superpower at their cynical and manipulative worst.

i do recognize that Sri Lankans like to delude themselves with obviously misleading propaganda though this case isn't really one of them.

Anonymous said...

the saga continues this time in the Island newspaper of Sri Lanka