Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tony Blair – an adviser to Governments world-wide – based on his experience

There was an interesting comment attributed to the former UK Prime Minister which is in the attached link
“that you start your first term as the most popular and least capable and end it as least popular and most capable”. That is an apt way of looking at leadership of a country. It is how one manages this popularity that seals your fate afterwards into someone who is loved or hated, and then later into history books as far as one’s legacy is concerned.

As Barak Obama looks at his legacy in his second term he is determined to leave a few including Obamacare Universal Healthcare for all, as one that is now controversial and may later define his Presidency that changed the Country’s perennial fear of longterm illness. However with regard to his foreign policy the killing of innocents which is an inevitable fallout of the use of drones, that don’t put Americal lives at risk, but seriously affects the US perception in the world as far as the misuse of their power is concerned is likely to be a defining outcome of his presidency instead of the stated aim of defending the Human Rights of other countries citizens from their own Govt. which is the stated aim of his administration and the appointment of Samantha Power in the United Nations to carry out his agenda.

It is interesting that Tony Blair and his band of Consultants have been able to parley his Prime Ministership to a major role in the field of Consulting with other Governments in strategy and governing, to make him a very wealthy man and who appears to be the envy of many in Britain who are upset at his use of his previous position for pecuniary gain. It is important to understand the all former Presidents of the US, engage in the lecture circuit commanding huge speaking fees and then their autobiographies receive huge advances prior to being written.

The problem in Sri Lanka is that our senior statesman go on too long, as politics is seen as a career for life, rather than one for a specific period of time, due to the various pressures, but mostly because people do not like their popularity they had as active politicians diminish upon retirement. Of course this is was not the case in the past when people went into politics for the love of service, and now it is to enrich the person. At least we can say that most of what Blair has earned is from work after he left office and while he is not as squeaky clean as he would like to portray, not a patch on the depths of corruption ours engage 


Anonymous said...

George Galloway, MP, said it best when promoting his upcoming documentary "The Killing of Tony Blair" that Blair killed the Labour Party, killed 1 million+ people in his foreign wars, and made a killing afterwards from those he helped while in office making 20+ million pounds per year stashed in various global locations from petrodollars, war profiteers, and the banks he helped which nearly toppled the economy.

No, Blair's corruption is different in that he's collecting his millions after delivering ill-gotten rewards for big business while in office.

He did not govern in the interests of the people.

See Galloway's promotion:

Anonymous said...

Well we know who and what George Galloway stands for don't we?

It would be more acceptable if that statement was made by someone with more integrity and that is something George never had, he was against Blair from day 1

Anonymous said...

examine the reasonableness of Galloway's statement rather than trying to character assassinate the Member of Parliament from Bradford West.

Blair was a crook and war criminal far beyond anything comparable in our part of the worldl He is what happens when the reigns of a former superpower are handed to a non-people's politician.

may he find a jail cell appropriate for his crimes one day.

Anonymous said...

you know he will never be jailed in his lifetime, so I don't know in what dream you live.

As for character assassination GG I just don't like him. All politicians do whatever they do for their own fame and or fortune and GG is no different. I am not Blair fan either, but the extreme insinuations are unwarranted.

Anonymous said...

that whole group of criminals need to be jailed -- George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby (oh wait, he was jailed), Tony Blair, etc. I am semi-optimistic something negative will happen to Blair, as I believe the British public is much more just than the clueless subjects of the American oligarchy.

with regard to Galloway's statement about the chemical weapons attack in Syria being a 'false flag' attack meant to lead America into the Syrian war, I think he's right. As he said, Galloway doesn't believe that Assad is not bad enough to do it, but that he is not mad enough to do it. It would be suicidal for him to cross the 'red line' set by America in the civil war in which he is winning. it would mean certain annihilation for him. why would he do that? the israelis of course want to knock out assad and have shown themselves to have no regard for non-Jewish life in the past (they were once the suicide bombers in Palestine) and the chemical attack happened to fall on the anniversary of the 'red line' speech given by Obama. any simple person can figure out the attempted manipulation and that is why the British Parliament itself voted against attacking Syria.

As far as lack of credibility for lies, have we forgotten this one by Tony Blair? See:

And just for a reminder, here's a beautiful video about the other criminals and their lies: