Sunday, October 13, 2013

Khuram Shaikh and CHOGM – another distraction on purpose

There is no question that the British Govt. either in the form of their PM or Prince Charles will attempt to bring the above murder into discussions with the SL Govt. and there is no question that the SL Govt. is aware of that, and are preparing the appropriate (in their view) response. Earlier also when another UK MP came to SL a similar attempt was made to bring this up, and for a show of publicity some action was done to further the investigation, but has obviously been shelved since.

It is unfortunate for the SL Govt. that a UK citizen was involved, and perpetrator was a local council member from the Rajapakse backyard and known associate thereof. We lesser mortals do not even have that privilege as the law that applies to us is such that we do not have a foreign power to intervene when we suffer the same fate. I have suffered a terrible disability(continuing) at the hands of the Security vehicle of the Minister of Justice in Sri Lanka, and as far as the Govt. is concerned they do not even care a damn. Such is the concern for the rights of the individual when it comes to anyone closely associated with the ruling powers of Sri Lanka.

If I were to guess in this case, there will promises made, and some action taken to appease the complainants, but once they leave the shores, it will be business as usual. This Govt. is extremely clever in making the right moves at the right time, but as they know foreign powers have no spine to continue to press for rights, they are willing to play to the gallery for the record and leave it when the pressure eases.

I believe the Tamil Diaspora have done a great disservice to Sri Lanka as their pursuit of justice has permitted the Sri Lanka Govt. to take a belligerent stance to question their intentions and accordingly given them impunity on crimes committed since the end of hostilities, as there is no one pressing on that issue over the earlier somewhat facile demands. This inability to accept the defeat of the LTTE and the powerful lobby in Western Countries on behalf of this Diaspora keeps the pressure on this topic to the benefit of the SL Govt. that benefits hugely from the local popularity of its stance against these accusations. This popularity has enabled them to literally get away with (literally) murder, as the deaths on account of careless driving of state vehicles including VIPs and Security Forces have now exceeded 250 since the end of hostilities with none being fairly compensated.

So let us see how much pressure the British can put to protect their interests!!      

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Anonymous said...

if only the blogger had a foreign passport. they recently found that the SL passport is one of the worst to be held in the world so don't expect the GOSL to protect you in times of trouble!