Sunday, October 27, 2013

An Entertainment Zone for people in and around Colombo – Badly Needed

Let’s face it, this is another area where the rich have more fun and the poor have to do with ITN false propaganda, alcohol or drugs or Galle Face for an evening’s entertainment. I was hoping the Govt. would be a little magnanimous and open up the 20 acres on the East side of the Beira to the people for lungs of Colombo, but no, greed got in the way and they are busy selling the land for commissions, to build shopping complexes, offices and hotels.

The rich can go to Bangkok for a weekend of fun. Why can’t they have it in Colombo? Remember whilst 60% of those living in Colombo live in substandard accommodation in “Wattes” and the politicians continue to pander for their vote with false promises, but the need of the hour is different.

With the expectation of the GNP per capita in Colombo MC limits expected to top US$10,000, there is NO real entertainment zone. So how about move the Casinos to Kalpitiya and make DR Wijewardene Mawatha a super entertainment zone, with Cinemas, restaurants catering to all income levels, children’s play area and actually a 24hr fun zone where people can go and enjoy their hard earned rupees with their wives, girl friends and families (sorry if I sound sexist here, it is purely unintentional) Public transport must also be provided in comfortable safe lit up AC buses and vans to get people to areas at night, as even today, night public transport in Sri Lanka is almost non-existent.

Of course there will be a few night clubs and bars too, and why shouldn’t our citizens enjoy some fun, when only the wealthy have the chance today, by either going to 5 star hotels or overseas.  

This zone can be properly planned using the examples from other east Asian neighbors, and even India that now have thriving entertainment hot spots for the locals. WE DO NOT HAVE A PLACE IN COLOMBO, TO HAVE SOME FUN WITH OUR FRIENDS AFTER A TIRING WEEK OF WORK, AND BE ABLE TO GET HOME WITHOUT BEING FLEECED!!

Whilst I am aware of a large Muslim community in Colombo, who would also like to have somewhere to go, so there could be a section in the zone that avoids Haram practices for their benefit and also have 24hr shopping centers to cater to those shopaholics in Colombo who are unable to find a place at midnight. It is no use pretending that people in the main commercial city of a Country must be tucked in bed at 8 to suit the double standards of some who preach to us.


Anonymous said...

(Colombo) girls just want to have fun...

Anonymous said...

not sure whether the masses are thinking as much about an entertainment area in colombo as a highway connecting the city to the airport. the president has won a massive public victory again with the launching of this new modern highway.

it is notable that the cost of the highway was exorbitant but people don't really care about that.

it is also notable that businessmen with insider information bought the land in peliyagoda, the entrance/exit for the expressway, at pennies on the current dollar. they're laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

I guess everything is done for political gain, not convenience and quality of life. I guess Sri Lankans are not practical enough to understand that their lives can be made so much more convenient if a few practical steps are taken, but are too busy bitching about each other to do anything about it.

After all just see the suffering people undergo in their daily commute crammed like sardines sweating to high heaven !

Only the office vans provide relief. Why not open it to competition without price fixing and we will then see a ride in comfortable AC buses to work at a cost much less than using one's own vehicle!

Anonymous said...

isn't the fort heading in that direction? also with the new harbor city, perhaps they have something in there?

Anonymous said...

AN3, don't you realize everything is political? in politics its not about scoring points for their own sake but convincing people that you are the person to give them what they want, and reaping the benefits.

the people believe the highway will improve their lives, and the pres delivered. political points.

with regard to buses, surely people would prefer an air con version rather than being packed like sardines, but nobody is compelling these people with their vision that the people find credible. they continue to be packed like sardines and open to someone to herd them into their political camp with a new visioned for air conditioned luxury public transport at an affordable price. if someone actually delivers on this, they'll get political points by providing this improvement in the quality of life for commuters.