Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It is not what you see it is how you see it!

Have you ever wondered that different people see (also read, feel and hear) the same event, but have a very different opinion of the experience they get from that event? (Prefer a freeway to the airport, to a better education for your child)

The French novelist Marcel Proust once said that “the real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes”

The whole concept of “Kalpanakaranna” or simply the word “think” sums it all. IF we think a little we may come to a conclusion substantially different from the original. Once we get used to thinking what we see, hear, feel, and read, we are able to more clearly weigh the pros and cons and come to our own conclusions. We do not have to believe everything or anything! We must be free to express our own opinions about it and defend it. We then solidify our thoughts further, or even take a completely different view based on our perceptions of the strengths and weaknesses of the differing arguments.

This points to the importance of criticisms of one’s argument. You can then look at it objectively and see if you can overcome them, or cave in and agree with them. It is not that you have copped out, just that you have become more mature, and able to accept a better opinion, and change your own, if indeed you believe that as a result of your original idea, you were able to improve on it as you were shown a reason why from a commentator with a better angle!

Into this whole picture have been many of the recent arguments I have put forward to improve quality of life of our people, a principle theme of the blog. I have been fiercely shot down by my critics, who say that it is not what the people want, they prefer flyovers to toilets (a theme of a future blog entry) and the politicians of this government are giving them what makes them (the politicians popular) and that is vastly different to my perception of what I believe the people should have, but don’t even have the capacity to ask, as they have been in want for so long, they do not realize it is a need that can easily be fulfilled by their rulers.

This chasm is where the criticism comes from, as the pro-Govt. lobby, who currently comprise the majority, appears content with the empty airports and ports as they give a sense of pride to them as Sri Lankans, that the lack of a toilet where their daughter could pee in at her school, is considered a minor inconvenience!!        


Anonymous said...

yes, debate is good and we appreciate your blog posts.

regarding highways, ports, etc., the voting masses will always appreciate tangible benefits over theoretical arguments so all of the theoretical criticisms of the road fall by the wayside as the masses experience the benefits which have been talked about for decades.

if kids could vote, maybe there would be some better toilets in the schools

Anonymous said...

Its nothing to do with tangible benefits. Anything can be made into a tangible benefit if marketed properly. Only those clever enough to see through the chaff will understand reality.

Problem is the marketing is only available to one party to deceive and not the counter party to elaborate on the deceit.

Therein lies the con. If there was sufficient air time on the money wasted to build the highway and provide comparison of what we have lost on account of the wastage then the thrill of the highway may be much less, and not a lead to any Political Capital.

It is another way of how I see it!!

Anonymous said...

another political commentator put it much more articulately than anon1: "it's the economy stupid"