Sunday, October 20, 2013

This pro-Canada diatribe by Sumanthiran MP is one of his worst offerings on the case – just smacks of ensuring Diaspora Funds for TNA or an invitation to reside there!!

I refer to the recent article by MA Sumanthiran MP in Colombo Telgraph of Saturday, Oct 19th 2013 link:      

Where he high fives Canada on all the actions they have taken on the Principles to which it adheres to using the reason for the PM not to visit SL and all other International Stances taken by Canada. He is completely misguided. The PM not coming to SL is a purely political internal issue within Canada to appease its very substantial and powerful pro TNA or if you will LTTE Diaspora, who are still smarting from the destruction of the LTTE to which it sent massive funds and to which it still openly collects funds. Please do not have any illusions about that fact.

Whilst I respect much of what Mr Sumanthiran has written in the past this is one of the most partisan writings, which I can only surmise is done for personal reasons, which will be only apparent later and so good luck to him for that.

If Canada did not have a Tamil Diaspora, Harper would be here in a shot to preach his gospel IN SRI LANKA, let there be NO DOUBT about that! Once here he can make his speeches about HR and opt not to permit SL to chair CHOGM for the next two years etc.

I am in no way doubting the abysmal record of the SL Govt. as I have been a vocal critic, but I believe it is mischievous to say the least to make a case for Canada, as being a state that is holier than thou, with a long record of siding with its neighbor the US on many matters, and guilty as sin as with the US about its historic mistreatment of its Native populations.

I am not faulting their rights to speak on this topic just because of a problem at home. SL has a right to speak on behalf of Palestinians despite treating both its native Veddhas rather patronizingly and poorly, or its inability to uphold the basic promises it has made, being signatories to International and Bi-lateral treaties. To make a virtue of Canada is altogether sucking up by a Sri Lankan citizen or has be forgotten that he is one. Is he attempting to legitimize Canadian residency by this?

We must fight our battles in Sri Lanka internally tooth and nail. When it looks like he has already admitted defeat and ready to pack his bags it does not bode well for us who are stuck fighting this dastardly kleptocratic regime from within!            


Anonymous said...

The duplicity of the Canadian PM's stance of opportunism is patently obvious. This will be proved in hindsight.

It would do well for Sumanthiran to have studied Harper's rise to power to determine his genuineness, unless of course Sumanthiran had ulterior motives in sucking up to the Canadian cause!

In any case history will show MR to be a Dictator who did untold damage to his country, whilst Harper would go down as just another neo con who would go to Indonesia with worse HR violations for the APEC and not come to SL due to the home lobby.

Anonymous said...

i am surprised you haven't realized yet that the good and talented sri lankans left the country long ago. what is left is a cess pool of uneducated, amoral, nativists on all sides of the ethnic divide. the country will only continue to descend into itself and it's not clear how to save the country from its own.