Monday, October 21, 2013

There was a time when the SL Blogosphere was thriving – now it looks like it has declined irrevocably! Any thoughts on the accuracy of that statement!

I had not been to the kottu website in a long time, and when I went there this weekend, I was shocked to notice how few blog entries there are bearing in mind that over 1500 blogs are syndicated there.

I know I have been busy with one thing or another lately, and have not had the time to blog. I presume it is the same for others. I am not put off if the hits are low, or the comments non-existent as I use my blogs to express my opinions, so that I may capture them someday to edit in some form of ebook or pamphlet broken into different subject matter.

I wonder if others have less to say, and are either not sufficiently opinionated to comment, or believe what they have to say will not elicit comment or they have just exhausted their opinions. For my part not having a TV to watch at home means that I do not have that distraction, which takes an average 5 to 6 hours of a person’s day to contend with.

One area I get busy with at home, is going through all the Sinhala and English daily newspapers, and pick out the articles of interest both personal and work related. In this context I have a huge file just on the CKDU. (Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Iteology)  I do not think I will have time to go through it to get to the bottom of the disease and suggest immediate action to reduce its prevalence before it really gets out of hand, which I am afraid if the current inaction is anything to rely on will be inevitable. It requires immediate and drastic action as it is now appearing in all parts of the country, not restricted just to the North Central Province. If anyone is interested to tackle the task, tell me.

Just in passing I would like to say that the authorities tested the water in the wells in Ratmale and Rotawewa, and mine is one of two wells that have passed the acid test or shall I say the arsenic and cadmium test! Hence two villages of about 2500 people come to my well to get their drinking water, and cart it in various receptacles on motor bikes, and hand tractor trailers back to their homes. Little did I know when I dug this well about 7 years ago that it would be a life-line for so many (see

Everyone has a different life and experiences, and when we share ours with others by way of blogs we get closer to each other, though we may never meet, and realize all our lives have goals and ambitions that we strive to achieve.                


Anonymous said...

this chronic kidney disease should be arousing great interest from the government as it is a grave threat to public health which is one of the greatest responsibilities of government to prevent. perhaps on the political front, a group needs to round up some sufferers of this ailment and make a compelling 30 second advertisement which then should be run on tv every day during prime time hours. it is not a direct political assault on the government by the UNP but it makes the government look bad, as they justifiably should look in this instance. this will be much more effective than staging protests in matara against the matara cowboy. where are the spin doctors hiding in Sri Lanka?

Ishanka dias said...

wow found another person who keeps track on CKD disease. I too am greatly interested in this issue.

i think we need a force and help the people like a citizen movement.

what do u say?