Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Challenges of managing a business in these troubled and unsettled times! WHY IS NO ONE WILLING TO TALK ABOUT THIS?

In a scenario akin to “Nero fiddles while Rome burns” the present impasse of A LACK OF LEADERSHIP BY ANYONE! is keeping us awake at night, wondering how to meet payroll at the end of the month.

The photo of me @ my desk at 7.30am this morning (I could have been here an hour earlier, had not been for the late arrival of the driver!) while the staff, turn up when they want, and even at 9am the official start, they clock in and have breakfast AFTER clocking, amble into the office, thinking this is playschool.

While I understand that Public Servants are DOING NOTHING now, we in the private sector are facing major hurdles. With uncertainty, hiring is frozen, bills due from the State Agencies are still on hold, being financed by us with bank borrowings, while interest rates are on the way up.

Imports of anything now cost 10% more than last month, as we depend on imported raw materials as inputs in this business. With attendant price increases to customers to soften the squeeze, the demand volume is dropping, and a credit squeeze is in the offing, where debt collection is getting increasingly difficult.

All these factors, ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER, are devastating the business, with staff completely unaware of the implications, of imminent layoffs, that cannot be avoided, if the company is to survive through this HOLOCAUST of a problem created by a completely and CERTIFIABLY INSANE decision taken by Maithripala Sirisena in a moment of insanity (we know it is not the first time he has set fire, now it is to the whole Country)

Why oh why is the partisan media silent on this gravest issue facing the nation?
IF this is not treason against the STATE I don’t know what is!

ALL the participants in this plot have to arrested immediately and locked up and the keys thrown away, so that this kind of treachery against a WHOLE COUNTRY never happens again.


The tri-force commanders, please understand that it is your tacit approval of your Commander in chief’s actions that are keeping this antediluvian plot to hold onto unjust power alive and so you are complicit in this Crime Against the State.
It's time you changed your allegiance for justice, and not propriety.


Wednesday, November 21, 2018

However you wish to paint it, there has been a Coup in Sri Lanka, that has ousted the legitimate Government of the day, and so no one has recognized the illegal Coup.

Stop referring to niceties of the Constitution, either you agree with the Coup or you don’t. If you do agree with it and say so openly, one day everyone who does, can be prosecuted under the law for backing the coup, and all the leaders, like MS, MR and the fake cabinet will be prosecuted and if convicted have to serve their sentence, seniors like the GMOA top brass will do jail time along with anyone who took orders from the Coup leaders, that is just a fact.

When that will happen is dependent on a few factors, like how long can the Coup leaders persuade the Armed Forces and Police that they are actually illegally following orders, where they can be prosecuted. The moment their heads understand the facts, they will turn, at the moment they are conflicted, as they have not sent the President, who is clearly mentally unstable, to the Asylum. No one even the SLPP is questioning the his state of mind!

Once the gravy train of foreign funding and propping up finishes, and they cannot pay foreign bills for imports, we are finished. We will be like Argentina or Venezuela. Don’t forget MR and Venezuelan Leader Chavez were buddies, where did that get Venezuela, a country that has oil reserves second only to Saudi Arabia? It is only a matter of time before US$1 = Rs1,000. Unless-

So don’t be complacent, if you have broken the Constitution to seize power, you have to face TREASON CHARGES, once democracy is finally established. The MR camp is talking about elections, but they are unable to have elections until it is legal to do so. Once it is legal, they are likely to lose, as the economy will have tanked by the time they go to the polls. You cannot break the law, period.

If only they were patient, DID NOT BREAK any laws, waited for elections, they would have been handed the Country in a platter. Now it is the reverse, after they have ruined the economy, acted like idiots taking over ALL THE MEDIA, thinking the people are fools, no one is going to vote for them.

Their brand is dropping by the day, even MR supporters see his duplicity in his face, their behavior in parliament has shown the people that they are sore losers, and now they are grabbing state property, and holding the Ministry Secretaries to ransom. They are unable to release the funds, knowing if they give it to the illegal Govt. they also face CHARGES in Court if they sign documents illegally

Please stop your nonsense, agree you lost, before creating more trouble for SL and yourself. Don’t tell me later you were not warned, Once the show is over!

Sunday, November 4, 2018

My name is Cheela, Spilornis Cheela Spilogaster for those who are finicky! ( a plea of a Serpent Eagle who has lived 25 years)

Look to the left, look to the right, look ahead and all I see is destruction of the forest for no sustainable purpose!
I have lived in these parts in the Ampara District for the past 25 years that is on the dirt track between Maha Oya and Rathmalgaha Ella which is my stomping ground. I have seen so much in the intervening period I fear for tomorrow, my kids who have flown the coop and live nearby and for all wildlife, animals, birds and all creatures. Yes I live by eating reptiles and lizards, but I don’t eat to decimate populations, otherwise I will have nothing to eat myself.

Just as my pals the Brahminis, who hover over the nearby Rambakan Oya to pick off the fish when they come up to the surface, we are all interdependent creatures of the wild that have survived for thousands of years, long before man inhabited this area.

It is as well to remember that the Adivasi Villages or Pollebadda, Nilobe, Rathmalgaha Ella, are almost in view from my perch up top at the top of the hill, the highest point on this trail that connects the main roads going between Kandy and Battcaloa on one side and Bibile and Ampara on the other side. This pathway is 22 km long, but has changed beyond recognition in my lifetime.

I was born when DB Wijetunge was the President and therefore don’t remember him as he was in office for such a short time, so it was the rule of Chandrika Kumaratunge, Mahinda Rajapakse and Maithripala Sirisena that I do remember.

The rapid destruction of the forests I live in took place under the Rajapakse Presidency. He had his goons cut down the forests and remove all the tall trees that I used to perch from and could have a commanding view of the whole area, for miles around me, as far north as the Maduru Oya Reservoir and as far South as the Gal Oya Reservoir over the Nilgiri Hills.
That's me Cheela showing off my reach to all who threaten
Now there is not one Ebony Tree left, as the Pradeshiya Sabhas under his rule along with the Local Police, took care of that, and worse you only have to come here to see the widest bridge in the South, that connects a ten foot dirt road, to another ten foot dirt road, it has to be seen to be believed, just so that someone could earn a big fat commission that even today, the Veddah community are called upon to pay for from the taxes charged on their very essentials like sugar.

The widest bridge in the south, built on a tiny dirt road ! 

Before the trees were cut the Adivasi community could just live on selling Bees Honey, now there are hardly any bees as the flowering trees that were tall and extensive have been singled out and chopped illegally to fill someone’s lust for the filthy lucre. I am at my wits end on how the Human Mind works, as the politicians simply play upon a person’s greed, and not on a person’s sense of pride as a citizen that wishes to live in harmony with the surroundings.

I see the breakdown in true religious traditions, when people are given land by the politicians as favors for helping them out, and what does that do? These people who are cultivating around me, are suffering due to this noose on their necks, IT IS CALLED FREE LAND. This land which they cannot sell, does not yield any income, and the people are forever in debt to the money lenders, thanks to the politicians giving this cursed land, as it has taken our food from us, it has prevented the elephants who used to live in the forest from going there and neither does it provide any means of living off the land, as it is not a case of giving money to a man to farm, a man has to know the ABCs of farming, and it is just those people who have no clue unlike the local Adivasi on how to live with the land, who are given land as political favors.

Who can I explain simple facts of life to, the humans who fool the people that land is needed for farmers, when half the farmers don’t even farm their land? They leave it fallow, while more forests are cut, ostensibly to farm, but in reality, a few political goons to cut trees and profit from it, both denuding the land for us, birds, and much of the wildlife, now hunted in these areas, as well as few majestic tuskers who have been killed by poachers for their tusks. This, in the 25 years of my life, covering my area of no more than 500 sq km.

It is time that Sri Lanka had some truly enlightened leaders to see the folly in this farming exercise of marginal lands, to put back at least a million hectares of land back to the forest by an exercise of growing native trees in a manner that will ensure their survival, that is not just plant and leave, first plant with shade so the hardwood trees can take root, and then be allowed to get to a size they are not destroyed by elephants in search of scarce fodder for survival.

In my opinion, the area here, which was opened up by the Mahinda Rajapakse agricultural plans, must be reversed. Yes, they built a few tanks and repaired others, so that the water from Rambakan can go there, but as the Adivasi only know too clearly, it is just the village fields that can be protected from marauding elephants in the time tested manner, and the new fields, though enclosed by electric fences are simply cultivated on elephant corridors that don’t make any sense, as the harvests, and ensuing revenues, don’t cover the costs.

In a country where jobs are not scarce and there is a desperate shortage of people to do the jobs that are available, it makes no sense to force these people, YES ENSLAVE them to the land, just to fulfill a political game of power greedy traitors? If you don’t believe me why don’t you come and see for yourself the folly of these two bit politicians who have fooled the poor farmers who have not benefited at all since Independence, and my Dad was born before Independence, and he can attest that the farmers were in fact better off than they are now. Something is seriously wrong, and IT MUST BE CHANGED.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Political Analysis of the day – it’s simple – any other choice is not an option

Its Treason now that the Coup is flop, a matter of time only, unless they surrender now!

President is intransigent to foreign pressure to call parliament and end the stalemate, tweeting he is acting constitutionally! What a selfish bastard, when the country is wallowing in uncertainty, while we wait for MR to buy more people, the going rate now rising to Rs1Billion! Sticking to his original date of 16th November, when the majority of MPs in parliament went to parliament on the 2nd and requested the speaker to open Parliament IMMEDIATELY. (even if MR wins on the 16th, the whole country will reject! Due to  auctioning of MP’s)

He is NOT answering the pleas, but talking at cross purposes, and as he is using an interpreter, he is not getting the real translation, but a milder one by his OWN advisor translators. So he does not even know or care about the gravity of the international concern and what will happen to the Banana Republic he has created in a matter of days. In short he is now a traitor of the nation, and the only punishment is death by firing squad, like NOW. MR better watch it as he is also very close to that if he just does not give up the ghost and capitulate.

The speaker is not being harsh enough, after the 118 signed the desire to recall parliament waiting instead for the President to be true to his word that it will be called on the 7th. However Keheliya and Susil are saying NO change meaning 16th and various spokesmen of the President confirming this.

If we fast forward years from now the 21 day delay in recalling Parliament will go down as one huge reason for the disaster that befell Sri Lanka where one million of its best and brightest left for greener pastures where they were welcomed with open arms, by  the host countries, seeing their true potential, while the country that necessitated their departure was left with the two bit, dimwits, who took the Country to disaster from whence it never recovered, until the inevitable Chinese take over that resulted, leaving the remaining population slaves to their Chinese masters, all because of the idiocy combined with intransigence which seem to be the HALLMARK of a despot/nut/ bone head.

The only person who can get us out of this, is the Speaker of the house, who needs to rise to the occasion to save the day, call Parliament on Monday the 5th go through the sessions of the order book and deal with the resolutions therein.

It is the Supreme Court that decides, what wins the day, based on independent assessment, the most important Court decision they will be called to make in their lives, in the interests of the survival of the state as we know it, which is simply at stake here. It’s called Democracy stupid! That is it pure and simple, and the supremacy of the people of Sri Lanka over all other interested parties. The Concept of  “MAHA JANATHAWA UTHTHAREETHARA BAWA!”