Thursday, September 26, 2013

UNP – Don’t be too hasty despite the pressure on all fronts – try another approach!

After a further shattering blow in all three provinces, despite the upbeat vibes at pocket meetings and rallies, the UNP finds itself yet again questioning the leadership and blaming all on that fact.

So first look at what both the UNP and the UPFA stand for today, not the past. The UNP stands for a United party of all people’s on this land irrespective of race and creed, on one symbol, the Elephant, to govern within the law, and to make changes to the law as proposed (not finalized) in their attempt at drafting a new constitution, to abolish the Executive Presidency.

The UPFA stands for a divisive, Sihala Buddhist racial divide, where little power as possible is given to minority races or minority religions, and the modus operandi is to play to the gallery to garner votes from their base, using fear of the Diaspora, and International Interference in the domestic affairs, as further evidenced by the President’s statement to the UN yesterday. Rule by fear and not logic.

We must agree, that electorally, the latter policy of the Government has triumphed, over a basic insecure, Sinhala Buddhist majority that appear to believe the racist rhetoric, which has further alienated the Northern Tamils, into an overwhelming five sixths majority for the TNA. They were not bought by the infrastructure development of the North, and the painstaking persuasion, by including the likes of turncoats like KP into their fold, which further drew even moderate Tamils to the TNA fold.

In affect we have a divided nation, Rajapaksa won a battle at immense cost of lives and limb and dough, but lost the war, and the whole plot. Worse is still to come, as TNA will demand a Governor more amenable to them. The Govt. will give the opposite.  MR will give the 5 Districts, in the North, 5 District Ministers bent on destroying any amity with the TNA.

Fast forward a year on, TNA will demand the activation of the 13th, Govt. will refuse or remove it from the Constitution, using its two thirds majority and without the Consent of the Northern Province!

The TNA will tell the Govt. to take a hike, when the Govt. threatens the North by cutting off funds for development and day to day operations. They will then obtain all the funding from the Diaspora, AID, India to carry on all the activities and more, and will effectively do separate deals with Tamil Nadu.

This will result in the North growing at a compound rate of 25% per annum, shattering world records, so that in 5 years their GNP will be double or three times that of the South. They do not need the South, and southern workers will be the coolies of the North, and Sri Lanka will be one Nation, but effectively two!!!

The Wealthy Tamils in the South will also become much wealthier in the South with doing business with the North, and so even the economic power balance will shift to the Minority races, and religions!

All because Rajapaksa has no vision, wanted permanent power for him and his family, and set a rotten precedent of fiefdoms, ruled by local lords, who were permitted to make all the money they can illegally depriving the majority.

In order to go back to my original point, I had to paint this inevitable picture, if the UNP is to reinvent itself to face this potential outcome, and prevent it, by being able to explain simply that it is NOT the UNP that was to divide Sri Lanka, but that UPFA are already well on the way to have already divided Sri Lanka.

Who can lead that party to give this message clearly and simply and turn the tables on the UPFA for doing exactly what they accuse the Opposition UNP of doing, and the UNP showing the way that they are the ONLY party to prevent such an outcome from happening and keeping the Country truly UNITED !!!

Any guesses, certainly not Sajith, who just wants to be a Rajapaksa in mufti, or Karu who is passed his prime, and damaged goods by playing musical chairs.

It can only be the new generation of Youth who can reinvent the Party as a young party with all the international values of Youth!!!! New technology, inclusive of all the World’s nationalities, green energy, conservation, environment and sustainable development being the themes. ONLY then will the thugs, the goons and the underworld be thrown out, lock stock and barrel, with all those who live off of it.

Religion and race will have NO PLACE in Government. The real values of Buddhism will have pride of place, and not the established hierarchy, so people will be able to follow the true path. This will ensure religious harmony, globalized mindset, and true sense of Nationalism, which puts country first, so that it is the Paradise it always was, but never could be! If that is not a contradiction in terms!

This new dawn, is the only way forward for Sri Lanka and the UNP, to prevent implosion.