Wednesday, February 9, 2011

the muts that rule us and the bigger muts that give them security

I nearly lost my life due to both these types of muts, and so I am speaking from real experience.

Kalpanakaranna. I have seen and been in motorcades in the US and UK, and in no case are the protection vehicles at a lower level of quality than the vehicle in which the incumbent VIP is travelling. When I watched the motorcade of the US president it were the GM suburbans that provided the security detail of the Presidential Stretch Limo. You see the way the President of SL is protected and if any of you know anything about security, you will realize his life is in danger from his own security vehicles.

You are only as good as your weakest link, so even though the President goes in a bullet proof Mercedez, those Defender Jeeps infront and behind him are only good for the jungles of Sri Lanka and not going high speed down the streets of Colombo. If any of them skids as they are not even supposed to go at the speeds they currently do, it is only time before one lands on top of the Presidential limo and crush the roof.

Don't say I did not say so as even the MOD reads this blog!! Guys grow and more importantly grow your brains a little.

Anyway why do you need security except for the President and Defence Chiefs? Think about the waste of human resources protecting people of self importance who are really servants of the state. What about the daily list of death and destruction from this security detail as they are obviously not competent to do their job properly as they are mowing down innocent civilians with impunity daily.

I have therefore set up a plan to enforce the law for all at the same level, where no one is allowed to speed, and the law applies to all. We have the laws and why should it not apply to all equally.

Why am I frequently stopped in the Minneriya jungle at the dead of night on a straight stretch without a dog on the road at about 2am and fined for speeding doing 68 kmph when the cops should man all the accident hotpspots and stop every speeding vehicle whether there is an MP or a regular Joe.

So over to you my readers! How about some input from you on this matter.