Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Embracing Change – It is not as easy as it sounds. Why?

Change for the better, right. Otherwise change is of no use, but then how do we know it will improve, we merely embrace it in the hope it will improve, whatever it is that we want improved.

In a Country where the Prime Minister comes even to open a multistory car park in the heart of Maharagama, when they should be coming up as a matter of natural growth in highly congested cities, more as an expectation and a business proposition, we are hard wired to think that even common or garden organic growth is something we must even celebrate!

It was partly with this intention, and to highlight the growth of the hair care industry, that would go unnoticed, had I not taken the plunge and dyed my hair for a dare, against the normal expectations of our society, that I was testing how this change would be taken by just those on my friends list to whom this information would go on social media.

The comments are there for all to read, and surprisingly, there were many in the older age group who one would consider less likely to approve, were complimentary, whereas the youth of course embraced it with gusto.

Coming to the nub of my argument then, is the need for an attitudinal change in our society, as far as our political culture is concerned but related to that, and much needed for the change, is the change in the whole educational system and thinking to face the next 50 years instead of teaching methods, more in tune with the last 100 years.

In social media sites such as Voice for Change, it is quite apparent that everyone wants change as the current status quo just does not produce the goods, but there is no uniformity on how it should be done, and the blame game is the result.

I am afraid sometimes there comes a time, we have to take the plunge, where the existing order is the worst of all alternatives, and anything else would be an improvement.

Let’s stick to politics here. If we don’t throw out the familiar NOW, we are again left to ponder what might have been for another 5 or 6 years, as that is what is being planned. The same faces, jockeying for position, working out the strategy to fool the people sufficiently by fears unfounded IF NECESSARY to stay or regain power, and we the people, being suckered to believe that Change cannot win, so let’s choose the lesser of two evils. IS THAT A CHOICE?