Friday, June 21, 2019

Don't allow nonsense to get the better of common sense - a tragedy to be averted

I can see clearly, why can’t you?

The real battle is common sense against nonsense, and at present nonsense is winning.

If you watch or listen to news you are part of the nonsense crowd and if you read a paper and are able to pick and choose what you wish to read, then you may just about have in iota of commonsense to see the wood from the trees.

Most people do not read, and so are force fed news as if from a bottle, being unable to decipher fact from fiction, blissfully unaware of the particular agenda of that particular news broadcaster, believing fake news as a matter of absolute truth!

Once 4/21 happened, the level of fake news, especially anti-Muslim rhetoric has expanded, and people I would never dream of circulating such arrant claptrap disburse this rubbish as a matter of pride! I am simply disgusted and there is no one in authority to contravene the obvious inaccuracy, and the farfetched hyperbola of the exaggerated and totally irrational claims that are made.

For example, that the media channels, newspapers included continue to knowingly add to the Dr Shafi case by piling on the complainant numbers without any reference to even if any of the supposed patients had ever met or been entrusted to Dr Shafi’s care. Now that the whole allegation has proved to be fabricated, no one least of all the Police are even willing to call a press conference to state they made a gross mistake due to false allegations, resulting in them chasing a red herring.

Why is no one willing to take this on the chin and call a spade a spade? They want to pass the buck, but who to is the problem.

With the latest supposedly, incontrovertible statements made by the Chief Prelate of the Asgiriya Chapter, whom most Buddhists will believe as gospel, unquestionably being a load of bullshit, our faith in the fabric of authority has been dashed.

It is now worth remembering that the Unconstitutional Coup of the President should have resulted in impeachment and then a case leading to conviction for treason and the death sentence given to Sirisena, not being acted upon, has resulted in a death row inmate making statements in his guise as President of Sri Lanka, that makes a real mockery of authority as well as the decisions being taken. No telling how many jailbirds are in places of authority ruling over us and making the wrong decisions on our behalf.
Returning to the nonsense common sense argument again. Who are you?

Given the above background it now has become all too clear why nonsense seems to have traction, and common sense disappears. Everyone who is using their bully pulpit is talking nonsense, with common sense not being given any hearing, as either the people who have it, don’t believe it is worth their while to even simply explain their point of view, because they don’t believe anyone has the common sense to decipher right from wrong. Hence, that they do not bother.

Leadership is afraid of telling the truth, or of pulling out the person who is making unfounded allegations that are blatant lies. The Asgiriya prelate’s position is a case in point, which people are afraid to counter and show it for its unfounded bias. While I am no fan of Mangala Samaraweera, at least give the devil his due, he challenged his position as being entirely false and without any foundation, and frankly against the law of the land, as of inciting racial hatred.

So who has the courage to indict him under the law of the land? No one. He has broken the law in front of millions of people, and he is untouchable. How would you feel in a minority, where every word you say is picked upon and if any word or saying contradicts the law you are liable to immediate arrest, incarceration and prosecution.

That journalist remanded for writing about the behavior of Buddhist Priests, was telling the truth, but imprisoned for belittling the religion of the land. Freedom of speech does not apply if the behavior of some religious of the main religion in the land is questioned. We must accept shortcomings of any religion, as being not unusual, so that we strive to overcome them, not sweep under a carpet.

A person with common sense DOES NOT WISH to get embroiled in an unwinnable case, where the justice system does not back the righteous, but the criminal. This is the classic case then when the law becomes the ASS itself and rules over us all. Then common sense has gone the way of the fountain pen!

We can avoid this if at least one arm of the law, such as the police are capable of enforcing the law of the land as it stands today, and prosecute all comers who break the law. Then we will not have people up and down the Country inciting racial hatred, and getting away Scot-free, while Muslims with minor transgressions are filling prisons, and their cases not fast tracked to be resolved, so innocent people have their charges dropped immediately and released.

The anger at this mistreatment is going to blow up sooner rather than later, and the consequences to Sri Lanka are dire. Another case of being caught napping when all indications are, “the odds are too high that trouble is imminent.”