Sunday, November 16, 2014

“Possibility Thinking”

Anna Craft the co-founder of the journal ‘Thinking skills and creativity’ passed away prematurely of cancer

She was at the forefront of new thinking on education, coining the phrase possibility thinking to move from WHAT IS to WHAT MIGHT BE.

This in essence is what ‘Kalpanakaranna’ is all about. One must think of tomorrow and no longer of today. The speed of innovation and new means to tackle today’s issues both of the mind and the body, its time we explore what might be, and not what is, and accordingly permit out imagination to run riot in thinking of the unthinkable.

In our relatively mundane lives where there are so many things we just have to get through every day, and take a break in front of the TV just to relax, if we for a moment took time out of that relaxing time to relax in another way, by allowing our imagination to get the better of us, we may come out with some simple suggestions, to improve the quality of life, which we otherwise would not have been able to come up with.

The need to balance the physical and mental in life, is something we don’t think about. However that is the only way to get through the competing demands on our time, that others place on us, often due to their own inadequacies that are thrust on us as our own. This thinking of what might be, is a way to deflect some of that inward  stress on our lives, that are caused more by others, due to their problems, and the power they have over our lives, either as a parent, a schoolteacher, a priest, or your employer or the person who is your immediate supervisor.

My advice is to take some time out, first to identify the problem, (that is only if you feel there is a problem!) and then use your imagination, as to how to solve it by unconventional means. A problem of the day is the word much ill used, the common opposition candidate! If your really think about it, it does not matter a hoot who that can be, even a dog, so there is NO NEED TO waste time speculating who that might be, but be sure to vote for that symbol whatever it is to, get rid of the present, as a dog would do better than the present set of leaders, who have squandered our future, and that of the future of the unborn to such a degree, that few fail to use their imagination to measure, as it is immeasurable!!! Just think about it.