Thursday, September 8, 2016

The UNP Youth spokesman is also Barking up the wrong tree!

Taking an extract from the link below, titled “United National Party Stands by the Youth” in today’s Daily Mirror news paper, I take umbrage in this basic premise of the need for the provision of 1 Million Jobs!

“One of the most important policies of the Government led by the Party is the provision of a million employment opportunities in the course of 4 years. If we are to permanently remove youth unrest from a country in which the youth were involved in a civil war, we must ensure that they have proper avenues in a just society.”

The link to the article written by Adhil Bakeer Markar, educated youth of the UNP,
displays his ignorance just like the leaders, of the reality in Sri Lanka, namely vacancies- vacancies with NO ONE TO FILL THEM!

Send me any young man or women and I will give them a job. If they don’t like the job, the pay in insufficient, and it is too far from home, that is NOT my fault! So what is the real issue. We MUST TRAIN today’s youth to fill the jobs that exist, and prevent them from looking for jobs that DO NOT EXIST. One such typical job is that in Govt. service, where a high pay, and little work, with no supervisor to whip them into shape is the preferred choice.

There are jobs at every pay scale, but no qualified or capable person interested enough to want to take it. The problem is that is the fault of the Govt. now and past. They don’t want to accept the truth as that does not win votes. Telling lies about providing jobs, when none are needed, sounds politically acceptable but is an INSULT to the Youth you are trying to attract to your party!

In summary, until we have people in politics, or representing their political party, who actually know the true state of play in the Country, we are doomed to mediocrity.  I am asked for people every day, to fill this and that vacancy, and when I ask those looking for jobs, ESPECIALLY YOUTH to go for those interviews they express displeasure. That is a sign of desires exceeding what is available, or putting a price on your availability that is TOO HIGH for someone to pay for! I know people who have earned Rs200K per month in Korea, refusing to even accept work in SL for anything less on their return! They misunderstand their value here.

YES, YOUTH EXPECTATIONS ARE HIGH, BUT FILLING THEM IS A WHOLLY DIFFERENT STORY FROM PROVIDING A MILLION JOBS, NONE OF THEM WANT. This million is a noose around the UNP neck that will hang the whole party, unless they change their tune in line with the NEEDS OF THE COUNTRY.

I have earned over a Rs1M a month in the US, but have earned less than Rs50K here! And sometimes zero working hardest as a farmer. That is reality folks, and until political parties get back to basics they are just living on another planet. 

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