Sunday, September 11, 2016

So true to 2020, then what? More of the same or a reversal of fortune!

The key statement attributed to the PM in his speech at the UNP 70th Anniversary celebrations that was reported widely was his assurance that the onerous debt burden created during the MR administration, will be substantially reduced by 2020. We all know that this is a burden due to the fact that they were not on projects that had a return, so the borrowings could be repaid from development gains, but was squandered on unnecessary projects and incomprehensible looting in the form of commissions on deals, the only reason for the debt being taken in the first place.

I believe that the PM is dreaming if he can honestly believe he can extinguish it without at least giving the harbor in Hambantota for the use of the Chinese Navy, which may result in a complete debt forgiveness!

Nonetheless it is a serious attempt by the Govt. of SL to address what is the most acute crisis facing us Sri Lankans today, if we want to hang on to a semblance of our quality of life. It is now quite clear that this whole burden is a result of unforgivable treachery on the part of the previous administration, to which many in the current govt. including the President must be held responsible due to collective responsibility which is implied.

As noted in the prior blog entry, we the people have given the Govt. a mandate till 2020, no matter what the day dreaming joint opposition says. The people expect them to have put the house in order from the inherited debacle. As of now the people do not see this happening, due to the ineffectiveness of those in Govt. being able to carry out the tasks that are quite obvious, without any further delay.

Much of this is due to the incompetence of the lawmakers, as they sadly are still running in re-election mode, little realizing that they are running the Govt. of the day, and must be taking charge of the tasks at hand! They must learn to stop thinking they have to please the voters at every stage. They should hugely reduce the extravagance, lighting oil lamps, opening events, making speeches, signing marriage certificates, going to funerals, avoiding small talk and instead spend a minimum of  8 hours a day at their desks NOT meeting people on appointments, but spending the time with the chiefs of their Ministries, namely the Govt. service administrators, ensuring that the PM’s policies are acted upon effectively and speedily. Neither of which is being done now.

The PM on the other hand MUST dump the cretins who litter Temple Trees, who are close to him, and advise him falsely due to their incompetence (hence the use of the word cretin) and instead appoint a NEW TEAM of advisers outside of politics, proven administrators and professionals in management and execution! They should also include youth and proven professionals in business and academia, who could be brought into politics at a later stage once their policies and execution thereof are proven as being practical and winning formula for SL. This is a far better use of intellectual knowledge, rather than the current trend of attracting mentally deficient youth who really have nothing better to do in life, are aimless and join the political mainstream as the quick move to the top, for dedication and nothing more.

Tell me is this statement is not true: “you must be mad to join a political party and engage in politics” So it is only the mad who do!

Enough said, I hope the PM gets the message and appoints a full time (8am to 8pm) 6 days a week at TT Chief of Staff to run the office, and carry out his policies as being directed from the PM himself. It is the only way to get things done. There are enough people who can execute this, where you can select a proven leader in administration in his 30s or 40s, who is just waiting in the wings to be of service to the Country. No one can honestly do this job for too long and by 2020, will burn out, but the Country would have been the beneficiary of such commitment. “They are ready to do their duty to their motherland” however are prevented from even meeting the PM by the fortress created by the cretins referred to above who don’t want a capable person meeting the  PM!

It is said that in politics today, the only passport worth having is the PM ear! Sadly all those who currently hold this passport MUST BE banished to Siberia if we are to get things done! They have to be completely replaced and that will NOT be easy, but necessary.

I am sure if the advice here is followed 2020 will be a piece of cake. The PM can rise to the Presidency as an elder Statesman directing the Vision and Mission statements. A hitherto unheard of leader will then take the reigns of Govt. “None currently in Parliament need apply” as they have had their chance and blown it. You know why not. Just look at what you did yesterday. Just ask yourself if anything you did yesterday truly benefited your Country in any way, in precedence to you?

I rest my case and argument. Only then can we reach the inherited quality of life.

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