Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Education Debate goes on and on with more inputs, but NOT OUTPUTS worth talking about!

The link below is to an article that vehemently opposes PRIVATE FOR PROFIT Education as being useless and that all so called private education in the West, using examples like Harvard, are really Trusts that run educational institutions not for profit of an individual or company like in Sri Lanka.

Of course there is some truth in this, but when one takes the old adage, of let the buyer beware, it also applies to private education. There are some private educational institutions that actually provide what is promised, the owners make money, and the students get their money’s worth.

In the case of some State educational institutions, we the tax payer pay through our noses for this education, we end up with useless outputs of people without a goal in life, because they did not have pay for the education they received. The teachers who taught them, had NO intention of educating their charges, and were just interested in the pay check and pension rights, and we are supposed to believe that this is superior to a for profit education.

BOLLOCKS I say to that. The fact that you get a good education has NOTHING to do with Private Public State or Endowment. It is simply to do with the values of that particular institution, who runs it, what their expectations and goals are and how it is managed in practice, and what kind of product it has produced in the past!

It is that criteria that eventually results in the success or failure of an educational institution. I know parents in or profit educational institutions, who speak about them in glowing terms, and that is because either the owners manage it well knowing that even though it is for profit, and cost a lot, it all stands or falls along with the reputation of the place for an institution of learning whether it is school or university. It is that criteria and that alone that matters, and NOT THE LABLE attached in the article.

We must all get together to decide on a National Education policy that encompasses private public and not for profit trusts. The purpose of which is to provide the nation with the skills needed for the nation, both to grow the economy and grow the people in intellectual and creative avenues, so that they can benefit the community at large in whatever vocation they wish to pursue in the future. 

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