Thursday, September 22, 2016


Putting a child into the most desirable schools is a problem that is NOT confined to Sri Lanka. It is a worldwide phenomena. In most prestigious schools that are private, even they will NOT take a child unless the child aced that school’s entrance exam, so even money is NOT the only way in to elite schools.

This issue has reached incomprehensible proportions in Sri Lanka, as children of Ministers from Polonnaruwa have been able to put their children into Royal College, Colombo using their influence, so who decides how one should get in?

The raging controversy is with the GMOA who want to put their children into a FEW SELECT schools as a RIGHT! Of course there is NO LOGIC in why those schools were selected, as they are ONLY ones that are prestigious, and not local or provincial schools, which do not happen to be their choice, once they are transferred to those provinces.

I would honestly wish to know if a doc whose son was at Royal, and now he is transferred to Trincomalee, whether he would take his child out of Royal and send him to school in Trincomalee. There are NO cases, so it is simply a perk that they wish to uphold saying this has been agreed to by the GMOA over 12 years, see link

It was wrong to grant them that perk then, which may have been done by some kind of underhand arm twisting, which they want to continue as a right. If the GMOA or the Forces are special cases, then who are NOT? Everyone will feel entitled to this same treatment.

I don’t believe anyone has this right, and if that is the case then no one in future will make this request, and it will be fair by all, and will be easier upon the Principal of the school also, NOT being pressured by Politicians, and politicians too will be glad, as most of their constituency requests, which they cannot fulfill from their party supporters is this very same request to put their kid into the school of their choice, no matter they are really not entitled to it.

It takes TWO TO TANGO. So in order to shut the GMOA up for good on this issue, the Minister MUST say that there are NO favors for anyone, from now!

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