Sunday, September 11, 2016

A wonderful first display of unity in the midst of incomprehension!

Credit MUST go the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe for inviting both the President of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena and former President Chandrika Kumaratunga from the historically adversarial party of the SLFP, for the 70th Anniversary of the UNP, NOT ONLY to grace the occasion but also for the President to address the UNP faithful from around the Country.

This is indeed a historic occasion for Sri Lanka, which will no doubt find significant space in all history books as a very significant instance of different POLITICAL ideologies working towards the common good. The UNP faithful at the event were most magnanimous in their appreciation for this gesture and in their ability to applaud their erstwhile opponents on their own platform! WHAT AN EXAMPLE FOR ALL!

I know personally that many within the UNP and the SLFP have unquestionably opposed such a show of unity. Beginning with the historic alliance of the PM and President which resulted in the unexpected defeat of a then seemingly powerful despot, we have seen unprecedented if acrimonious unity of the two major political parties in Sri Lanka, working towards the common goal of Good Governance.

We know that Good Governance has been under considerable pressure, partly because some of the culprits of bad governance are still very much part of the Good Governance team, and many within the UNP old guard HAVE NOT been able to change their spots, and involved in the same misdeeds attributed to the previous government.

The President and Prime Minister are only painfully aware of the miscreants within their respective parties, but in the interests of UNITY, lack of alternatives, and the need for their support in parliament for a change in the Constitution are willing to tolerate their activities for the time being.

No doubt and given time, and well before 2020, once the new constitution has received the people’s assent at a referendum, their misdeeds along with that of the previous administration will be exposed and prosecuted equally with NO preferences in the eyes of the law, and they will receive their just desserts.

It is a level of patience that is needed now, something even I sometimes have little left and is painfully shown in my blog entries. However this Govt. will last its course, and I trust that in time, all the excesses of the past will come to light, and the people will gradually realize the extent of the plunder of our assets by the previous regime, will one by one, pull the rogues in the present Govt. also into that net, resulting in prosecutions and convictions under a completely independent judiciary, that the Govt. has determined it will not interfere in.

So first, I will appeal to the long suffering UNPers who daily remind me that they are still suffering due to the actions taken against them in the form of Political Vengeance which they have yet to see any redress to think national, and forget the fact that they will receive recognition, as that is only a tit for tat kind of deal, where those who benefitted from the previous regime will be politically punished in return.

It is difficult to sell this concept when those in power from the previous regime still engage in the same political favoritism that was common in their last life under the Rajapakse regime. As for the SLFP they have NOTHING to complain about as the UNP HAS NOT engaged in political victimization, and they have NOT appreciated that AT ALL, which to me is extremely regrettable, as that shows a lack of Nationhood, and that they have NOT grown out of their petty party affiliation and looking at the National or Big Picture.

As for both the members of the joint opposition, who really do not belong to any party, and are merely opposed to everything the Govt. stands for, in essence those who prefer a return to a despotic rule, I have no retort, except to say to get a life!

For these people who belong to the Nether - Lands, to even have the gall to criticize both Sirisena and Kumaratunga for attending the UNP 70th anniversary celebrations is worse than sour grapes, probably a reflection of INSANE JEALOUSY that they see their existence further in question!

I really cannot see how some right minded individual can criticize people who work for the Country, or put the Country before SELF and PARTY. Obviously they are wrong minded individuals and may they stay that way if they wish to disappear from contention, and if they wish to be the true opposition, then let them contest in a free and fair election, and obtain the relevant public support for their platform of vengeance at the next General Election.

Finally, it is incumbent on the Prime Minister, that his team perform not only to the people’s expectations which are difficult to fulfill, but in the best interests of the Country as a whole, which by the next Election will translate to the people’s intentions, once they are better educated to be civic minded, putting the Country’s interests before their own.

I will criticize constructively in how to do this. Read my blog and find out. 

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Anonymous said...

It is the UNP rank and file vote that brought Sirisena into power most unexpectedly for the benefit of the Country. ending the seemingly lifetime expectancy of Rajapakse despotism. It is solely the UNP troopers who suffered much over 20 years and under the tyrant that we owe a debt of gratitude. They are the true Nationalists, the magnanimous, who can hold their heads high! but nothing else, as they have been dealt with by short shrift in the interest of National Unity, if giving the rogues of the SLFP in the Govt. an unusual prize of continuous favoritism of their followers at the expense of the UNP following.

It is time the PM made some redress to put things right. Surely he can.