Thursday, September 1, 2016

Oh Please Mr Ambassador get a life!

The Chinese Ambassador making a comment that the delay of the Port City has cost 5,000 jobs in the interim, is a very wrong move. stop bleating and get a life. What is he implying? that this govt. had NO right to halt this until more evaluation takes place, due to this 5,000 jobs. Anyway, We have full employment remember, unlike China! See link below:

The Govt. was elected with a mandate either to cancel or to renegotiate on LEGAL terms, the ILLEGALLY negotiated Port City. Those things like freeholds that are illegal have now been eliminated, and the PM has changed the words into a Financial City, and been able to get it back on track, mincing his own words of cancellation!

See link for an opinion of quiet but smart diplomacy on the part of the PM to resurrect it without the warts and also paying compensation for delaying!

Though I am personally against the Port City development as I do not believe we are capable of providing the infrastructure to handle the environmental stress this will cause, the people in favor of Megapolis will just have to stew in the POLIS created by them, and there are more important areas of environmental degradation that has to be tackled before opining seriously on the negative effects of the Port City.

Going back to the Chinese Ambassador’s pontification, the more important statement he made, perhaps deliberately to be patronizing to a beggar, is to say that

“They are prepared to commit over US $ 5 billion in foreign direct investments (FDIs) over the medium to long term for special economic zones, if the Sri Lankan government is prepared to authorize them”

Frankly this is a very important statement and MUST be analyzed with a fine toothcomb, to be able to gauge their intentions towards Sri Lanka and use the carrot and stick approach to stamp their presence, even if by force, by daring to challenge anyone who dares to refuse their aid!

Sadly, the media in their reporting are NOT clever enough to analyze their assumed intentions, and give us the readership, and general public their view on this geopolitical game the Chinese are playing and how it compares with the similar shenanigans of the Americans, and Indians to say nothing of the Russians!

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