Wednesday, September 7, 2016


I MUST complement the vision of the Govt. in the midst of steadfast opposition from the CEB Engineers to go out on a limb and SAY CATEGORICALLY that they expect to have a minimum of 1000MW of Solar by 2025, accounting for 20% of the National Power usage. See link for the Island article regarding this. Ajith Perera, the Deputy Minister of Power MUST be commended for his efforts here.

The Editorial in the Daily Mirror of 6th September further reinforces this fact, as a necessary contribution to reduce effects of Climate Change, and Global Warming coming in line with the Paris Declaration in 2015.

I would like to add that this new initiative called “Surya Bala Sangramaya” beginning on 6th September 2016, with the official residence of the President to be so inducted, a date which also is the actual 70th anniversary of the forming of the UNP, will be recorded in the annals of History as a turning point in THINKING in Sri Lanka, with a can do attitude and being in the forefront of technology, and not far behind as we have been in most other areas.

Unfortunately, no one has informed the powers (pardon the pun), of the immense speed with which solar technology is changing, and improving and getting more efficient, which should NOT result in just a mere 20% but at least 40% of the Nation’s Energy from Solar, as by then ALL cars imported to Sri Lanka MUST be ALL ELECTRIC VEHICLES.

We must target that goal, as world production is moving in that direction, and if we are to drastically reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and therefore on importing fuel, which is an unacceptable cost that the Country cannot really bare.

This is a good omen, and we MUST work hard to better it, as there is NO reason why the Government cannot encourage MUCH greater conversion, and reduce dependence on the grid by a one off measure of distributing about US50M of free solar panels of the highest quality which will force people to put in the extra money for the inverters and convert as much of their usage into Solar Energy.

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Confirmation that the Govt. now backs Renewable as a necessary means of bridging the energy gap