Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Women don’t need empowerment in Sri Lanka, it is the men STUPID!

Give women a monthly amount, and they manage their family’s budget. A man does not have a clue what suffering she undergoes, and even decides NOT to eat in order to give her family what it needs. Yes, most women don’t know how much their man earns, but that is NOT the woman’s fault, it is the man who does not want to tell her, as she will ask for more, and he will have to cut down on his drinking or smoking and spending time with friends. In short he does not like to come home, blaming it on a nagging wife at home, not realizing that it is his behavior that has led her to nag!

Actually Sri Lankan men are the ones who are the sole reason for the suffering of women. They just treat their woman as a doormat, and a servant and nothing else. He does not talk to her about her day, he does not talk to his children about their school, he does not know their birthdays, or even how old, or what class they are in! He does not take them out on things they need to do, only when it suits him on something he wants to do, and takes the kids just to show others that he is a caring father, even though he does not care a damn.

The man does not help around the house, he does not know the stresses the women is under at home, he does not even listen when she tells him something important, as he simply compartmentalizes it as nagging.

So the problem is with the men. They need a serious dose of behavior modification, the basis of psychological counseling! Unless there is behavior modification, the women will suffer in silence. What alternative has she got?

The Police Station now has a woman’s advice center, the only structured facility where women can make a complaint, however the staff there more often than not take the man’s side, unless, the man has sexually abused, the wife, or children or severely beaten them. She is just asked to get him to behave. He is not summoned to explain himself, and as in all cases the man says that he is not the problem, as he is unable to identify that he is the reason, there is NO hope of a solution to women’s suffering.

The women is stuck between a rock and a hard place with nowhere to go for help, but empowering her will not help. There is ONLY a limited amount she can do, without the cooperation of her husband. So what is it that needs to be done as a matter of priority to lessen the suffering of Sri Lankan women, and improve the quality of their lives, as otherwise NO amount of development will take Sri Lanka’s population to level of satisfaction.

The only area where women must be trained is to spot the bad egg of a man! In that case they will all be single, and the men in order to get their woman will just have to change, or women will only marry foreign men who they feel will give them what they want!

Something to think about!

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Anonymous said...

The women of Sri Lanka place too many demands on men already driving them into insanity and a release through drink!