Monday, March 28, 2016

Sri Lankan Airlines – We have known the truth for years, it is time to take corrective action and if a law has been broken to bring the crooks to book!

Why is it that people go on repeating the mantras without taking any action as a result of the findings of the scandals? We have got used to wastage of public money, by our elected representatives and their henchmen, but we have not yet taken concrete steps to do something about it.

What good is it for the Deputy Minister to explain the size of the loss, something that is not new, and known for over two years. They have only just quantified the actual figure! During these two years, investigations could have been carried out as to who gave the orders, on what basis, and the nature of the deals that were known at that time as being far-fetched to say the least.

Now the PM has also disclosed the extent of the fraud, and the huge debt burden this has placed on Sri Lanka, but that still has not gone far enough to explain what the Govt. is doing about it. Have they cancelled the deal? If so at what cost, if any? As with the state of the airline market and the need for planes of the size that have been ordered, they can easily be transferred onto other airlines, like Iran Air desperate for re-fleeting, with NO COST to Sri Lanka. This has NOT been contemplated, or if so not mentioned in the news item.

Will the Govt. take steps to prosecute those who have broken the law, if in fact this is what has happened. Unless the public are better informed of these, they are unlikely just to give the Govt. a grace period to sort out the mess created by the previous Govt. which is causing this crisis at present.

The erratic management of Sri Lankan Airlines has a lot to do with the losses of SOE’s and therefore needs special attention, as the sink hole seems to be open ended, whilst those of Ceylon Petroleum and CEB can now be restructured with less dire consequences! These three accounting for the bulk of the losses of SOE’s.

The intention of the Govt. of how they expect to deal with it, in simple words is LONG OVERDUE, as the mere mention of the problem is NOT ENOUGH, as it is NOT NEWS ANYMORE. The public is losing patience in wondering when these hugely wasteful decisions will result in those being held accountable!  

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