Wednesday, March 23, 2016

For the sake of Good Governance, the new IGP must be announced at least 90 days in advance of the retirement of predecessor!

In a Country that has still to get its lactating period out of the way, in typical fashion, (take the Attorney General’s Appointment as a guide of our deficiency) has not yet appointed the IGP designate, when the incumbent retires on Ap12th

Ideally the current IGP must be in a position of introducing his sucessor to the major honchos in the police, whilst at the same time taking his leave, as part of good practice, where the old man tells the subordinates, to give their rightful obeisance to the new IGP. This will not happen, as it will probably take, (With the New Year holiday period pending) till after April 20th when the new IGP is announced.

According to the link above there are 3 in the running, but one must in a time of change, break the rules and go for new thinking, even getting a person outside the service, even though it may be unprecedented, to clean up the culture, that is at the root of the present day problems of Sri Lanka and the difficulty of the Govt. to get their Good Governance Agenda to stick.

Today’s papers also speculates on likely appointments and why!

Look we have an unprecedented National Govt. comprising the leaders of the two main rival parties, in an uncomfortable marriage, surely this marriage needs a broker not from the past, but from the future, and a clear thinking HR lawyer of repute is probably more suited to the post of the IGP, who can instill NEW values to the Police Force, desperately needing some blood transfusion to get to change their thinking and vision for the future. All they are talking about as usual is a new uniform for the Police in keeping with their softer side!

It will shake up the ranks of the DIGs immediately, and their performance will be under closer scrutiny, as there will be NO OLD BOY links to a fresh face IGP with no baggage. (Remember DIG Vaas Gunewardena was allowed to run riot during the previous administration) and this way these mavericks will not be tolerated, worse put the whole Force into disrepute.

The police force is ripe for a technological revolution in the practices it currently adopts. The present force is frightened of the change, as they are still stuck with some outdated practices. Just look at the way the B report is written when you go to the police to make a complaint. 19th Century Policing surely! At the end of the day the public need to be served better by those upholding the law  

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