Thursday, March 10, 2016

The universal chant – We must change the system of Government!

To What? So here me out!

You only have to listen to a news item or read the papers on any day, and you will see asinine statements from Politicians MERELY to grab a sound bite, but are believed hook line and sinker by the people, who know no better in analyzing what is said, why it is said, and the reality of it!

Just to prove a point, a simpleton politician is blaming the whole of our economic collapse on the CB Bond Scam, and I let you read it in the link below:
The conclusion I come to here, is that people who choose to go to politics in the current era in Sri Lanka, are those who normally cannot find anything more satisfying to do! Or are incapable of doing anything else. There is a touch of the urge to yield power over others, a not normally rational urge, more a crutch due to other failings in life.

I would ask a question, if you were happy with your life, and the way it was going, would you enter politics? I rather don’t think so. If you are, please share your reasons for so doing.

Then who are you left with. All the failures of life. Those who don’t find pleasure in anything else in life! It is they who get into politics, and the most skillful at fooling the voter into believing in them get elected.

So now you know who is in power! Then you ask, do they know anything about reality? NO. They most often never travel in a bus, and don’t see the puddles at any of the major bus stands, when it rains, which splash on hapless passengers, when the bus comes over! Otherwise they would be the first people to have them repaired, and I can show you examples of some major bus stands who have not had their pot holes repaired in 10 years, because no one deems it necessary, and somehow the commuting public use it as a common place, and so don’t find it part of their universe that needs intervention.

The conclusion one arrives at from these two propositions is that our elected representative cannot do a day’s paid work, and he does not know how the people who vote for him have to live, and so cannot repair anything that they need mending which is in his purview so to do.

Let me then go back to the beginning for a moment, to tell you with experience, that when you go to the grassroots and try and gather people for political meetings and to form the base of grass roots organizations, the majority of those who turn up are those who have nothing better to do, or those who wish to gain something for themselves from meeting with the politician who is organizing that event.

They then form the active workers from whom the party apparatus is chosen, the officers of the local party office, and the representatives, who in future will try and get the ticket to contest the local council elections, as an example of starting from the bottom.

In short these are not productive people, they are people with little else of interest and with time on their hands, hoping to utilize their position if elected to gain from this office, NOT TO GIVE to the office!

Is it surprising then that this vicious cycle just selects people in the main from deadbeats, and charlatans? Why do we then have to bow and scrape to them? That is because they are now a manthri and we need to respect them, and invite them to each and every activity, be it in the community or school or sports meet, so that we hope they can do something to that from his ability to cipher some of our own money, back to us, as being somehow HIS money, available to him to do as he pleases. Isn’t all this a ruse, to return you own money, back to you in the guise of a politicians largesse?

Having now identified that everyone in politics with a minute number of exceptions, perhaps 1%, so 99% are unsuitable for the posts and positions they hold, and I don’t think anyone will disagree with me about that observation!

So how do we get the people we want to make the rules and regulations, and make decisions that will improve the quality of our lives?

Simple! Just by turning the present system on its head to draw those who truly want to be of service to their community or their country! Come on you say, “they wont want to get their clean fingers dirty by getting into the fray”.

I say they will ON ONE CONDITION! What is that? If you limit the term of public service of anyone elected to ONLY ONE TERM PERIOD! It is that simple. In one stoke of a pen, by changing the rule, those who see politics as a career, ie the unsuitable ones will NOT seek election.

It leaves the door open to those busy bees, the productive ones to sacrifice a maximum of 5 years can be reduced to 4 to serve their community or their country, by utilizing their skills in whatever field that they have excelled in, for just that time, as they cannot give all their lives to social service, or they starve!  


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