Friday, March 11, 2016

How can you get what you wish then?

In the previous blog entry, I explained that in order to change our political culture, which everyone I have spoken to subscribes to, that we must introduce term limits for all, and in this case JUST ONE TERM as the slogan, so a bad egg will only last one time, and GOOD EGGS can be replicated many times over! You can trust me that if someone does his job splendidly, another more competent person WILL enter the fray the next time round to out do that person, as there are so many capable people around, all of whom lie dormant not presenting themselves for election.

To go with one term, you open the possibility of Women joining the fray without hesitation, as the goal posts are now a different color, not just moved sideways! YOU DON’T HAVE TO ALLOCATE percentages for women or youth representation. Good people will put themselves forward, and it will be people who can be trusted to represent the interests NOT just of the people who voted them in but the greater community they represent, knowing that no favoritism is needed, as they will not be seeking another term.

Skeptics may say that this is just a pipe dream, but I say NO. I know the draft of the Constitution is being drawn by those with vested interests, but if there is enough of a public outcry, to push for such, because of the need for a referendum, it is likely that it is inserted and passed, even though all those currently in parliament WILL BE REMOVED BY LAW.

This is the ONLY time in our lifetime, and I believe in the next life time too to make this change, and if we don’t our children will curse us for forgoing a golden opportunity to change the system, at a time when the public is just fed up of the business as usual arrangement. Despite the huge political change that took place in 2015, it is the same faces in different disguises, doing almost the same things AGAIN, and now the people are just fed up to a point of disgust!

I know none of the elected politicians are aware of this disgust, as they are living in their own dream, mirage or make believe world, so we don’t have to appeal to them at all. We must select our own alternatives, put our proposals with cast iron foundation and press the powers to come up with a seamless concept devoid of parties, races and beliefs, in one overriding objective of taking control back into our hands.

So how about a slogan


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