Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Simple, The huge amount of vacancies in the Country is stifling growth!

Firstly we MUST make all more productive - will pay immediate dividends.

I have been at my wits end trying to find a baas to do a small job here, but cannot find any! The one who promised to come has not turned up as promised, and this is the story the Baas in Sri Lanka, they take on work, but never finish on time, liking to have as many balanced on their fingers, so that they ensure work all the time, without anyone being satisfied by their work, nor finishing on time, and wasting time of the payer, dragging economic progress with it!

Secondly, I am being harassed by my driver to get his sister, who is gainfully employed at Brandix, a skilled machine operator of 4 years standing, to get a job as an unskilled attendant in the Polonnaruwa Hospital as she perceives this to pay more, have more social statues employment and marriageability wise, and better prospects!

This is the real employment crisis in Sri Lanka. People in productive jobs, want to leave for Public sector unproductive jobs, and until this is stopped, we have no hope. It is therefore doubly stupid when the PM talks about creating a million jobs, where there is NO ONE to do them in Sri Lanka, and we will just have to import them from India to fill them.

Does anyone get the irony of this?

For example, we have the following we can release for work, namely 500,000 three wheeler drivers, being grossly unproductive, adding immensely to the pollution of the Country who can be reduced to 100,000 by doing our own version of UBER. Then there are 500,000 Govt. Servants, without whom the Service will be more profitable. Of the stay at home moms, about 500,000 can be released for part time work, to supplement their income. Then 150,000 in the Tri Forces can be released to guard the 250,000 places of antiquity that are currently being plundered.

In terms of shortages, there are 100,000 Baas vacancies in the villages, 50,000 mental health workers also in the Rural areas, 50,000 Pre- school teachers also in Rural areas (stay at home moms ideal for this job!) 50,000 in the Garment Industry, 10,000 Electricians, 10,000 Plumbers, 40,000 drivers mainly in Colombo, 50,000 Home help mainly in Colombo, 25,000 Nurses mainly in Rural areas, 75,000 skilled operators in the Western Province, and 90,000 in Construction Hands.

We just have to work a scheme of matching need with employment.

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http://jestforkicks.blogspot.com said...

There is a massive shortage of labour. The place I work for is having a very hard time trying to fill vacancies and every factory I speak to is experiencing the same problem.

Three-wheelers are one problem - the influx in the last year (I think a lakh of them came down) is a part of the problem, the rest being the expansion of the state which is employing people at tax payers expense in unproductive jobs. ("ice" jobs, in the local parlance).

We need an urgent solution, importing labour from India may be the bets bet.