Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mandating a one term Politician – the only answer to our perennial problem

I don’t believe there are any contradictions to the phrase, that “politics and politicians have been at the root cause of the disaster that is Sri Lanka” So what may the simple answer to that problem of a turnaround from disaster to success!

Simple, not have politics or politicians at the helm, and only have people who are willing to sacrifice one term (5 years of their lives) for their Country, from various fields, be they farmers, or nurses, that actually contribute to the collective knowledge of democratically elected representatives. This will prevent lifers in Politics, many of whom litter the chairs in Parliament. A lifer just tries to justify his existence but has not contributed ONE IOTA to the betterment of his Country.

I know some people my say this is utopia, others will say it is NOT practical, and still others will say, it will just not work, as NO other Country has that type of policy, and therefore MUST be unworkable. I say no to all of them, as we MUST be at the forefront of thinking, not the laggards we currently are.

The problem is those who contribute to this forum are political scientists and older people with a lot to say about their experiences. To the un-initiated youngster, even the two party system or any party for that matter is unnecessary in this day and age. So having people who continuously feel they must be in politics is just a wholly unnecessary figment of the imagination, that could NOT serve any useful purpose.

It is best to argue that if we have a constitution that mandates policy on the major issues of our society, namely the right to drink clean water, breathe clean air, and eat food free of toxins, as well as equality to all (no discrimination) then we don’t have to give special dispensation to differently abled, minorities or the practice of beliefs different to ours, as long as they do not cause a public nuisance or disturbance!

Under this form of Constitution, my proposal of one term will change the way we elect people. The largest segment of capable people who have hitherto NOT thought of being elected, due to the rogues who occupy these positions will automatically wish to be included, edging out the uneducated and the people who go into politics because they are incapable of earning a living in any other area!

This will at a stroke open the Country up to people willing to dedicate a period of their lives for their country and return to their field or profession, after serving the 5 year term. Then they will have NO need for perks, pensions, permits and patronage, all together will save the Country trillions not just billions. This is the ONLY way out of the current status quo which we ALL agree has been a disaster and if it continues any longer will further reduce this beautiful country to destitution, and desolation.

Just consider those who have left Sri Lanka. They have left for better opportunities, that they have believed will never be available in Sri Lanka. In fact they are the people we can least afford to lose, the most productive of our citizens have been a boon to the host Country to which they migrate to. If only we had them in our midst all this time, we could have already achieved our goals. The reason they left was the absolutely untenable political climate, no matter who was in power, and dishing out the same is not the answer, despite the clamor for the same patronage dispensed by the Rajapakse regime filling 800,000 not needed jobs in Govt. leaving no more room for productive Public Service but a clamor to still get into public service, by the UNP hardcore who believe it is their right to be dished the same gravy.

The unfunded pension liability that the Rajapakse administration is sufficient treachery to send the whole family to the gallows in any other Country, but we have citizens who still believe they have life left in them to further entrap us in mounds more of debt, by filling even more non-existent jobs in the public service as a measure of perceived success.

In short, to get out of this spiraling crisis and vicious cycle, calls for drastic action, and only something like a one term in public office, with no means to graduate from one office to another, is the only answer.

It is a revolutionary idea, which many readers will take a while to understand, once they list out the pros and cons, and realize that in 2016 and beyond, with people (citizens) wherever they may reside, have the ability to vote directly through their fingerprint scanned smartphones ON EVERY BILL, presented in parliament, it avoids the need for parties and peoples representatives, except to safeguard our interests in our constituencies from external threats that affect our future, of ensuring the basic three I mentioned at the start of Water, Air and Food.

The elected representative will not worry about re-election and popularity, and with a conviction to make an impression in their only term in office will do their utmost to create a climate of trust, excellence and durability of action, all of which will contribute to less waste, more productivity and accountability of all decisions for the public good. The public trust will then be respected and rewarded with a Country that will be the envy of the world, not only of a unique experiment in Governing, but also in International Political Innovation.


Anonymous said...

The time is ripe to integrate communication technologies with self governance. This revolution in communication should facilitate the participation of the public much moreso in governance, to the point of making delegated authority to representatives obsolete. Due to the ethical deficiencies of our people, this country is not the place to launch these high minded technologies.

For consideration should be the fairest form of democracy which was instituted 2500 years ago in Athens. Representatives of the people should be chosen from amongst the general public every term to avoid wealth and fame determining results, rather simple citizenship determines qualification to govern be that person a farmer or a lawyer. Choose representatives by lottery and you will have a truly democratic government.

Anonymous said...

Decrying Professional Politicians an intellectual discussion