Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where is the Media – in explaining the futility of the opposition Parliamentarians’ protest on a day that is historic for ensuring a democratic future for this Country?

The Fourth Estate after January 8th 2015 is a disgrace. They have not risen to the occasion and endorsed the will of the people for checks and balances and the end to unadulterated corruption. The most forceful and demanded promise was that the 19th Amendment would be passed in Parliament as soon as practical. When there is a bunch of hooligans, drinking and making the parliament floor look worse than the floor of a place where the drunkards gather in the evening for a bit of revelry, seeing inebriated bodies lying around, and no one having the gall to comment unfavorably on treating this august place like an after party junkyard, what more can one say of this profession in Sri Lanka today.

It is time the media take stock, and understand their responsibility in such a historic period of our Country. They seem to have joined in this inebriation, rather than have the knowledge and the nerve to report what they see objectively criticizing the depths to which these brigands have sunk their legislature to.

It is important that the Sinhala Meida, more than the English speaking media, get a grip on their true responsibility to the hapless public they MUST reach out to. Further the TV in the form of Rupavahini and ITN DO NOT HAVE even one journalist of stature who is able to explain fairly what the law is, and how reasonable or unreasonable some of the steps taken by our elected representatives are in this tragicomedy.

We have waited 10 years for this event, of reducing some of the powers of the President and the restoration of the checks and balances to ensure Good Governance and a fair balance with the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary, and it seems that the Parliamentarians opposed to this just don’t get it. Sadly we have elected these Morons and have only ourselves to blame.

Actually a more responsible journalistic tradition, such as that in India, would have taken the lead role in influencing public opinion, which in turn would ensure the legislatures heed their word, and NOT resort to antics that are puerile and seen as puerile by a more discerning public, educated in the art of analytical news, not in the art of slavish belief of what they see and read, and reported as seen and as not as it SHOULD BE seen.

When history comes to be written, let it not be me who has to write the role played by the Sri Lankan Journalists, in their acts of Omission in removing the best chance this Country has had in recent history of returning to the fold of civilized politics, and government, where the citizen’s rights are paramount and NOT those of the few who choose to trick an electorate into being elected and then pursue an agenda far from the best interests of their countrymen, and ONLY in their personal interests.

The objective of this blog is to safeguard the inalienable rights of the people, and to protect them as much as is possible from the actions of the few, that wish to return this Country to a state of a waste land, after bleeding it, and milking it dry.

All journalists, especially those communicating in the Sinhala medium it all YOURS!                

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Anonymous said...

I suggest the ruling powers also take some responsibility in guiding the media towards the relevant stories and having some mechanism to quickly correct stories that are misleading or mistaken. It's basic public affairs. You are correct that the media is a faint shadow of what it was or should be as a check on government. This applies to global media and not only in Sri Lanka. The world is ruled by oligarchs that control the media and that's the way it is now. Difficult to change in a capitalist profit-driven system. It's the golden rule. He who has the gold rules!!!