Thursday, April 9, 2015

Freedom of the Press confronts the inability of meeting Election Promises

The people who seem to vote for goodies for themselves, and NOT for the goodness of their Country, I suppose the natural effect of a give me give me political culture are now fed up with this Govt.

It is not enough that the fuel prices were reduced, food items of a significant bunch of necessities were reduced, state employees pay was increased significantly now pensions were increased along with the welfare benefits for the really poor, that people want the balance too!!

So now they are fighting that the Mahapola Scholarship is not up to Rs5,000 yet when it was set to go into effect in May, and that the Paddy is not purchased at the promised prices, as the money has now run dry, and the limit per individual is 2000kg, and no one it seems is receiving the Rs80/kg promise for bought leaf tea, (instead selling to traders at Rs52/kg) or Rs350/kg for latex rubber (instead selling at Rs220/kg) and that 3 wheel fares have not been forcibly brought down! And the reduced prices for a cup of tea has left most restaurants refuse to sell them as they cannot make a profit at controlled prices.

It what our people have not got that they harp on about, not that we now live in an environment of freedom. We can do anything and say anything, and Govt. waste and corruption has definitely been reduced saving the people at least Rs500M a day. That figure that will reduce our national debt by that every day, DOES NOT AMOUNT TO A HILL OF BEANS TO OUR MISINFORMED AND ILL EDUCATED PEOPLE who would rather we further indebted ourselves so they get what they want!!!!!!

I am speechless at having to explain this logic to people, who only want what was promised, and don’t care if MR returns and borrow Billions more dollars to feed this insatiable appetite of our people for further benefits, short term, but set to satisfy.

On the front of bringing crooks to book, the objections are where are all those Lamborghinis, and helicopters? and why aren’t all the crooks in jail? because they got used to White Vans and Abductions and killings while running from the law and never protested that innocent until proven guilty was even required! Do they want to hear that MR was killed while running away when he was going to show where he had hidden the billions of kgs of gold stolen from the LTTE holdings? If that is so then we live in a cruel world of cynics, ungrateful imbeciles, and greedy humans that don’t care a damn how much this country has been ruined by one family that treated everyone and everything as their personal property, and dealt severely with people whose views deferred to theirs.

The Govt has a huge image problem because even their owned media, in the interests of fair play is giving sufficient face time to Govt. critics, something MR never allowed, and people with short memories have refused to give credit for. Picking on a minor governance issue on the Bond trading scandal, when a major one where the Executive was controlled by one brother, and the legislature by another brother for 10 years was bad governance of the worst kind. We know the complete lack of parliamentary democracy in 10 years of MR rule and people have the cheek to even suggest that things were better under his administration, tells a lot of the psyche of our dear citizens steeped in ignorance and fed on lies! God help us!     

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Anonymous said...

"how much this country has been ruined by one family"

You are getting unsympathetic responses because it's not clear to the masses to whom you are referring - the bandaranaikes, jayawardenes, or the rajapaksas?