Monday, April 20, 2015

Rogues Gallery – where they should be on the Parliament Floor.

I found it quite funny to see the people who now must obviously be those who both received disbursements over and above their station, purported to venerate a dictator, and then thrive in some way to make and disburse ill-gotten gains, by virtue of their veneration, knowing they will be protected from prosecution by their sponsor, sprawled on the floor of Parliament, in protest at the mere request of this sponsor being hauled before the Bribery commission!

Surely if he has nothing to hide from them, one would not need a gavel of traitors who have bled their country of legitimate income, trying to prevent him the leader of the pack from having to explain the misdeeds under his rule.

This is simply NOT taking revenge, but merely taking cognizance of the people’s verdict of January 8th to prosecute those who have embezzled unconscionable amounts of money from the State, and treated the State Coffers as some sort of Piggy Bank of the leader and his band of rogues all lined up for us to see.

There are other rogues who did not wish to show their face in Parliament but who hope to gain from one or the other side of the power circle. Nevertheless it is important that the people realize that it is best to get the people from the top, held to account for 10 years of rape of the Nation.

It was interesting when the Ex- President said that there is nothing in his name, and that he nor his family did nothing wrong during his administration, when all the evidence is contrary to that statement. Any fool knows that no account will be in the name of the President and his family. Similarly we also know who pulled the strings and abused the laws of the land so blatantly, that to say that they are innocent is showing the lack of legal knowledge these supposedly legally qualified should be aware of.

The article below is a good read to know that we are actually in a far better position today, than at any time in the Rajapakse Administration, whatever the minor hiccups any new administration of less than 100days can hope for especially bearing in mind the 10 years of ruthless mess covered up by dictatorship, that prevented any finger pointing by the press to the public of the egregious crimes happening under their noses. When they now come to light people have become blasé as to the severity of their venom and lack of concern for the citizens whom they purported to serve.

So now that the Governor of the Central Bank has been interrogated, grilled by the Bribery Commision and been shown to be clear of the allegations, in something that happened about a month ago, why not take the others to task on something that has happened continuously for 10 years. It is high time fairness prevails and justice is at least seen to be done. 


Anonymous said...

These rogues have signed a letter saying the Bribery commissioner has overstepped the mark signed by 55 MPs! That in effect is saying that we the 55 who are the biggest rogues do not believe the Commission has a right to call the leader of this Cartel.

They then imply that the Sri Lankan people have NO right to know if there is a convict-able offence that has occurred and the investigating authorities have NO right to represent the people of Sri Lanka against traitors who have pilfered Billions of dollars from the hapless citizenry, not from some other rogue!

Anonymous said...

Arjuna mahendran was obviously going to get off but someone is responsible for the frauds in the bond sales. Or not? Why has his son, the likely guilty party, not been called up?! It seems to the masses to be vindictive justice rather than true justice which will backfire on this government.