Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The shocking revelations of the Rajapakse Cronyism Era

 still does NOT cause sufficient outrage amongst a very pliant populace: Do they need their heads examined?

Thus the fact that Mahinda Rajapakse even dares to make asinine statements, and worse reported by a media incapable of analyzing the psychological game he is attempting, and enlightening the populace to ironies of his statements, adds to the frustration that sane people have to the actions of the Fourth Estate.

After all while it is normal that a sitting Government is fair game for the media, the unnatural attention is given to a despot who is desperate to redeem himself in an environment where people still appear to be so foolish as to give him the benefit of the doubt. The wholesale destruction of the Country in the past 10 years is now coming to light, where all attempts at reversing this environmental outrage, was actually prevented by a culture of cronies who did not care a damn for the Country but just for self, cannot be denied.

Just read the two links above to even get a taste of if MR could be even forgiven for being ignorant of the goings on! Not at all, he just cannot deny all knowledge as much of the actions were purely and simply for the benefit of the his immediate family, and so they were the direct beneficiaries of not appointing people on merit to the Foreign Service or allowing his philandering Brother-in law make an absolute ass of himself in levels of abuse which in the UK would put him in jail for a few lifetimes!

This shameless approach where the sycophants DON’T find anything wrong with this behavior is at the heart of the psyche of many Sri Lankans who have grown up, simply unable to distinguish between right and wrong.

We as a country have to go back to basics to teach morality to our citizens, and even begin to retrain our teachers on basic ethics, as parents are simply unable to teach their children due to a huge parenting void created by the social upheaval of the workplace where there are large numbers in foreign lands, and an equally large number in jobs where they have to live away from their children, whose home location determines where they go to school, and their parent’s jobs which in most state sector jobs, involve relocation every 5 years as part of the transfer and promotion systems in public service, and the children stay put.

Simply put 70% of school age children DO NOT have a mother or father at home during the school week!!! That is a startling fact, where just one parent and in many instances just an aunt or grandparent takes care of the child. The child therefore does not get the care and love of both parents, and we are breeding a society of irrational, uncontrollable and deviant children left to fend for themselves. No wonder that the drop out rate amongst boys is so high, and society does very little to reverse this fall into the abyss. I digress, but the Rajapakse regime merely did not understand this and did not care, as that was NOT EVEN a priority.           


Anonymous said...

Even if the kids did have parents present they would likely not learn good morals. Straight away the parents will teach their children to lie and cheat to get into a school they are not eligible to get into thereby stealing the place from another deserving student. And it goes on from there.

Examine the rich list of Sri Lanka and the people see how to become successful.

Going after the latest rogues just.seems like bad luck to the aspiring masses

KCPerera said...

Both the parents aren't present during school week may be true ONLY for a handful of families. At least the families I know they take care of the kids. But I believe there are mulititude of factors giving rise to the current ethics of the society. TV, Mobiles and Internet being the most significent. Bad media/thoughts create only bad!
Not being relegious is (whatever, it may be)another issue - good prictice of religion gives people a peace of mind & happiness.