Wednesday, April 22, 2015

These no confidence motions

from a whole Government on whom we had no confidence and therefore effectively threw out is simply stalling tactics that must be rejected as wasteful

Bandula Gunewardena who did much to ruin the state of the Education sector as the previous regime’s Education Minister, is now trying to get people to bring a no confidence motion against the current Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake on very spurious grounds.

Granted a call to raise the limit on bonds that could be purchased or issued, was rejected by parliament, when in Bandula’s own Govt. these were done without any parliamentary approval.

Then the CB Governors being asked to resign demo was dotted with people who made money from the Perpetual Treasuries, and Perpetual Capital Share transactions kickbacks and they have the nerve to demonstrate against the same person who gave them so many millions in chump change.

Actually the Media focus is on people who have been guilty of numerous frauds in the MR Government, trying to cover up their tracks by accusing existing regime people of a few minor transgressions that is if they are proved!

In the area of transgressions, the scale of fraud under the previous regime pales in comparison to that of this regime. It is therefore ironic that while the authorities are taking their time in finding the evidence of these major crimes under the MR rule, the same weight is given by the media for crimes of this regime.

The attached article is a very succinct analysis of why people really ought to stand back and try to understand that we cannot judge the two with the same yardstick as the conditions prevailing are quite different and the scale of crime incomparable.

This article clearly explains how each of the two regimes must be judged. The Bus driver analogy would be further taken by me into one of the Pied Piper taking a bunch of impressionable fools behind him to drown, as they are following him blind, to that of the Orchestra Conductor who is fallible, but where the music nevertheless is bearable and consistent of the tune that is being played.

His attempt at portraying Mahinda Rajapakse as somehow charismatic, boggles the mind, but I am sure to some he is that! What would we think of that? I was so shocked that I tried to find out why, and then came across the link that shows that our IQ is miserably low when compared with similar countries and that explains the idiotic approach of our people! I am really quite distressed at that analysis as I always maintained that our people were intelligent, and now this shows that was a little too far-fetched! Why?              


Anonymous said...

Gandhi said it best in his seven sins

Wealth Without Work
Pleasure Without Conscience
Knowledge Without Character
Commerce (Business) Without Morality (Ethics)
Science Without Humanity
Religion Without Sacrifice
Politics Without Principle

Does Sri Lanka get a perfect score?

Anonymous said...

Lankans prefer a strongman. They have since they were in the villages. Women also seek out this strongman for procreation. Malinda fits the profile.