Friday, April 17, 2015

Let’s not be fooled by the belief that only fools can fool the fools!

How people can still think Mahinda is a hero is beyond my imagination. The reality is that people believe Mahinda’s lies and they do not believe the Government’s truth! Mahinda being a clever, devious and cunning politician knows how to appeal to the voter, and play on his weakest point. A free press, willing to report lies as much as truth, and an electorate with short memories can easily swayed, when the greed that represents our people, is NOT satisfied. They still don’t realize that for 10 years we had a controlled press!! So idiotic.

Every complaint about this Government is about, promises NOT being fulfilled. The worst promises are those that relate to greed, for jobs, for subsidies, for pay raises, for purchasing at prices well above prevailing market prices, and then the inability to lock up the crooks that represent most of Mahinda’s hangers on.

No person, without unwholesome theft from the people or driven by greed wish to follow MR. I find it hard to find a competent person who is free of baggage who is willing to support a return of MR. It is simply the people who were enriched personally by the MR regime who are now making a comeback, THANKS to YAHA PALANAYA. If we had the similar brutish regime of MR all these jokers will be in jail, or worse killed in broad daylight, when they were taken out to show the loot they have allegedly stolen!

It is very important for a human being to question his humanity, when he wishes to defend the MR regime, as it is NOT defendable in any moral or righteous sense of the word. The way in which this Country has been sold off with regard to any exploitable resource, is simply unconscionable. It is simply pure treachery against a Sovereign State that this whole bunch of dealers who support Mahinda Rajapakse are guilty of.

The simple and logical sentence for this is simply the firing squad. For those who should face this sentence to have the gall to continue to back this abomination for a human being, who enabled this Country, along with Maithripala Sirisena’s family to squeeze every ounce of wealth from the Country, and its people, to use the redemption of war, when after the war, more people have perished out of their greed subsequently, and we continue to pull the wool over the people’s eyes by misinformation, is not forgivable.

I am concerned for my Country, for a future for our children! They are culpable of taking Rs2M from each person they put on a boat to Australia, when they should be preventing them leaving!! To vote these worms back into lead this Country for even a second makes me sick to the stomach. The fact that we can write in freedom is due to THIS Govt., whilst the white Van for those opposing was THAT Govt., so do we want “that” Govt.?

Anything is better than the past. Now there is hope when there was NONE. For pompous writers to back a claim otherwise is simply obnoxious, putrid and deranged.

Dissect this piece of perfidy at your own leisure, to realize that we still have people of this ilk breathing on this land, supporting a regime that is beyond human. Make your choice!     

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Anonymous said...

No comment as you don't make a clear point backed up by facts here. Name calling is a sign of laziness or worse.